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Tips and Tricks – Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Wiki Guide


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Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time might look straightforward enough on the outside, but there is tons of depth surrounding combat, finding items and secrets, and just overall exploration across all nine levels. Our list covers everything you should know before heading into this time travelling adventure.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can use the Select button while out of combat to focus the camera on your next objective, leading you to where you need to go
  • Don’t worry about missing items or rooms, since you can select and replay all levels from the main menu after completing the first one
  • Hit everything on sight for loot, from boxes to shards, since there’s lots of gold and Skill Fire to grab
  • Using your block ability against shots and some projectiles at the right time will send them back to the enemy
  • Floating loot such as Skill Fire doesn’t always get picked up automatically as you cross through it, so always turn around and double check so you don’t miss anything
  • Repairing weapons isn’t at all expensive, so definitely do regular check-ups whenever you visit Da Samurai’s shop
  • It’s easy to get too attached to weapons and avoid using them waiting for the “right moment” to do so, specially since they all have a certain durability, but they’re really helpful and you should definitely make use of them as you go through the story – there’s always new ones waiting for you inside chests, puzzle rooms, or Da Samurai’s shop
  • The same applies to health items, don’t underestimate their use – in addition, there will be a point where your inventory will be full, so there’s really no reason for you to save them
  • As soon as you unlock Beads, make sure to invest in them since they can be really helpful in the later levels, either giving you a boost on health, defense or overall damage. Just keep in mind that Jack is only able to equip one at the time
  • Levels seem straightforward, but there’s always small nooks and crannies with chests, Aku statues that open up doors or secret rooms, or just loot. Before heading towards a door or a new area, always peek above and sideways for them
  • Combat feels bare bone at first, but there are more abilities for Jack hidden in the Skill Trees, such as deflecting attacks, slowing time after a perfect dodge, and parries. This also applies to combo lists for each attack, but some of them will require you to upgrade the weapon group first to unlock them
  • You won’t be able to maximize your skills during your first playthrough, so don’t worry about it – just focus on obtaining the ones that sound more appealing to your playstyle
  • At some point you will start seeing walls or doors that have cracks on them, but firing an arrow won’t do anything. This is because you need Explosive Arrows, which won’t become available until mid game and onward

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