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This yoga booking platform brings quality instructors to your fingertips » Gadget Flow


If you love yoga, you’ll want to check out this yoga app. The Ravindi yoga app brings yoga to the digital age and helps you book online and in-person classes easily. It’s great for yoga instructors, too, since it lets them set their availability and price. Keep reading this blog post to find out how this cool new app works.

Book a yoga class whenever and wherever you want with the Ravindi yoga app. This yoga booking platform lets you make an appointment with your favorite local teacher to meet you at your home, the park, or anywhere else. Yoga is a great way to relax and ease the tension that builds up due to stress at work, home, or both. The beautiful thing about this app is that it brings quality instructors to your doorstep or mobile screen, making it easier to practice yoga when you want to.

The Ravindi yoga app is the extension of Evolation Yoga founders Mark Drost and Zefea Samson’s vision to create a supportive, inclusive, and intimate teacher-led yoga experience. They started the classes over 20 years ago and incorporated yoga trainers about 12 years back. Today, Evolation is now a worldwide collective of 2000 graduates and partners with decades of experience with hot and vinyasa yoga, meditation, yin yoga, and partner yoga. As the collective grew, its founders recognized the need for a way to connect teachers and students all over the world. So they came up with the Ravani yoga app.

Why choose Ravindi?

Over the last decade, as more and more things have gone online, yoga has been no exception. Popular yoga teachers on YouTube have millions of views because people enjoy practicing yoga in the comfort of their own homes. However, online classes have their limits. One is that you don’t have a live instructor with you, offering real-time tips and pointers on how to improve your form. This yoga booking platform aims to make up for where online platforms fall short. The Ravindi yoga app gives teachers and students a place to connect, ask questions, and share inspirations.

Book a yoga class when and where you choose

Want to book a yoga class on a sunny Saturday morning in your own backyard, with the morning sun on your face and birds chirping in the background? It’s possible with this yoga booking service. It lets students book classes anywhere, even their garden veranda, at a time that works for them. So you won’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make that 6:00 a.m. hot yoga class that’s close to your office. This app increases options for yoga classes, making it possible to schedule more of them.

Reserve group sessions with this yoga app

But you don’t have to stick to just one-on-one classes when you book through the Ravindi yoga app. The social element is another part of what makes yoga enjoyable, and the app’s founders understand that. So they’ve made it possible to book group sessions for you and your friends, anywhere you choose. Imagine reconnecting with your besties each week, at a location of your choice, where you can relax and improve your mindfulness. There’s no better way to catch up.

Organize a yoga class for your event

Want to plan a relaxing—not raucous—bachelorette or post-wedding weekend? Organize your special event around a yoga session. The Ravindi yoga app lets you book events, so whether you dream of chilling out with a yoga class before you say your vows or you plan to create a yoga-themed birthday party, the Ravindi yoga app can help. You can also use this yoga booking platform to organize retreats and corporate wellness events.

Access prerecorded sessions to practice in private

Sometimes, you might want to practice yoga alone, but you’d still like some guidance. If this sounds like the kind of yoga you’d enjoy, the Ravindi yoga app also lets you access prerecorded yoga sessions. This way, you can stretch and move following a guided lesson, but completely on your own and at the pace you set.

This yoga booking app is great for teachers

If you’re a yoga instructor, you’ll love how the Ravindi yoga app lets you set your schedule and earn what you want. To get started, you’ll complete a profile where you provide your certifications, focus areas, and years of experience. You’ll also set your own prices and availability. So you can choose to teach only in the evenings or mornings if that’s what works best for you. Moreover, the app connects you with continued professional development, allowing you to grow your practice, perfect your teaching style, and build your brand.

The Ravindi yoga app is a lovely platform. It brings yoga classes to the tech age by making them more personalized and easier to book. Yet, it also preserves the human element with its focus on in-person classes between a teacher and students. Even the best yoga video in the world can’t tell you your downward-facing dog is a little off center or spot you while you attempt a headstand. However, there’s also the option for prerecorded lessons, if that’s more your style. Overall, we think the Ravindi yoga app is something you’re going to love.

The Ravindi yoga app is available for preorder on Kickstarter. Pledges start at $10. Do you love yoga? Let us know about your favorite yoga gadgets and accessories in the comment section.

Check out the Ravindi yoga app now on Kickstarter.

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