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This useful ice tray makes perfect ice cubes every time » Gadget Flow


You love iced beverages. The trouble is, it’s not always easy keeping your freezer stocked with trays of ice. However, with The Slice Tray, you’ll always have fresh, large ice cubes ready for you with zero hassle. Keep reading this blog post to find out how.

Have you ever opened your freezer to get some ice, only to realize that you under- or over-filled the tray? And don’t forget about those spills. It’s so easy to accidentally bump an ice tray filled with water while you’re walking to the freezer or arranging it amongst bags of frozen vegetables. The typical ice tray has some design flaws, which makes it not so user-friendly. And that’s why today we’d like to introduce you to The Slice Cube. This useful ice tray makes 28 large cubes at a time and has a spout for easy filling. 

The Slice Cube Tray has a cool design that solves all of the old ice tray’s problems. It’s basically two ice trays snapped together, which you fill like a water bottle from a top spout. To separate the trays, users simply insert The Slice. The entire system makes it easier to fill an ice tray and transport it to the freezer without those annoying spills. Let’s take a closer look at this must-have gadget.

This unique ice tray is easy to fill

Instead of filling your ice tray from the faucet and shifting it from side to side to get the water to—hopefully—settle properly, The Slice Cube is simple to fill. Just place its spout under your faucet and let the container fill with water. Then, push in The Slice to separate the trays. Place the gadget in your freezer and you’re done. No water will spill, because this useful ice tray is closed on all sides. And you won’t over- or under-fill the tray because you’ll always put in the perfect amount of water.

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray being carried to the freezer

A large ice tray that makes plenty of ice

It’s always better to have more ice. And with The Slice Tray, you’ll make 28 large cubes every time. That’s double the amount of ice you get from the old-style ice cube trays. When you have more ice at your disposal, you’ll always have the major ingredient for your premium cold coffees and cocktails. So never again will you and your significant other plan to make margaritas, only to peek in the freezer to see half a tray of ice. This unique ice tray ensures that you make plenty of ice at once.

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray in a freezer

You’ll never run out of ice

The inventors of The Slice Tray wanted to create a tray that also never ran out of ice, which is a pretty cool concept. And we often will wait until an ice try is empty to refill it. And they’re right. The trouble is, then you run into a situation like the one I described above where you need ice—and think you have it—but don’t. However, this useful ice tray allows you to use one tray and a sliding lid to store ice while the other base snaps onto the upper tray to make ice. So when the storage tray is empty, all you have to do is swap the lids and fill. You may never run low again.

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray on a kitchen counter

It’s easy to remove ice from this kitchen gadget

Another problem with the traditional ice tray is ice retrieval. Sometimes, it’s difficult to pop the ice out of those inflexible molds, and then you end up dropping a couple of cubes on the floor or into the kitchen sink, which is a waste of perfectly good ice. But with The Slice Tray, you keep the tray attached and shake the tray upside down to loosen the cubes. They stay in their tray and are easy to pick up.

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray open

This ice mold makes big ice cubes

Everyone likes those big ice cubes they serve in cocktail bars. And now you can have lots of them in your own home easily. The rounded bottom looks sophisticated in any glass. And it’s this curved shape that allows the ice to exit their molds, keeping your drink cooler for longer.

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray

The Slice Cube Better Ice Tray ice cubes

This tray won’t leak

And you won’t have to worry about leaks from this innovative design. This useful ice tray features a specially engineered silicone gasket for long-lasting leakproof protection. And finally, a four-hinge locking system makes this tray durable.

The Slice Tray is definitely one of those tech-free gadgets you never knew you needed. Your drinks, cold coffees, and smoothies deserve it. It’s a kitchen tool for any house, apartment, basement, man cave, or cottage and makes a great gift. You’ll always have ice just the way you like it with this unique ice tray.

The Slice Tray costs $18.89, and you can preorder yours on Kickstarter. Would you use this on a regular basis? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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