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This super bundle explains the Raspberry Pi and how to build and program your own robots


TLDR: The courses in The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle lay out all the steps to conceive, build and program scores of electronics and robotics projects.

You’d be amazed at what you could build all by yourself with the current state of today’s DIY electronics revolution. And we don’t mean you in the generic sense. We mean you. Yeah…you. 

With just a dollop of basic training, even a mostly unschooled tinkerer has access to components and guidance to build robotics, home automation and just flat-out fun mini-hardware projects of every kind. 

Much of that revolution has been sparked by the Raspberry Pi, the sneakily powerful yet remarkably cheap single-board microcomputer that often serves as the brain running these clever innovations. You can start building some amazing stuff with the training in The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle ($49.99, over 90 percent off, from NTW Deals).

This package brings together 15 courses into a giant learning bundle that can help even complete novice builders get comfortable with electronics and basic computing to service your builds. 

As the centerpiece of many projects, your training starts with The Complete Raspberry Pi Bootcamp. Designed for those with no prior Raspberry Pi programming experience, this course explains what it takes to assemble a complete Pi program, even if you don’t have a Raspberry Pi in hand.

Across nearly a dozen courses, your building with a Pi expertise will be expanded and challenged as you put together several engaging projects. There’s a complete walkthrough for learning how to build an automated smart dustbin from scratch. Or you can put together your own GPS tracking system. Or create a fully-functional smart security camera using a Raspberry Pi or a webcam. 

As you assemble items like a smart mirror that works as a news and weather feed or making your own robot that can avoid obstacles, you’ll also be learning other valuable skills. There’s training on how to build reliable, secure, hack-proof, and scalable Internet of Things projects using the Python coding language. You’ll also find courses in ROS2, an open-source, meta-operating system for use in programming robots. There’s even training in how to use an Asus Tinker Board, one of the Raspberry Pi’s direct competitors.

All these courses are a nearly $2,400 value, but as part of this collection, you can launch your own DIY electronics education for only $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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