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This sturdy photographer’s backpack is great for creatives » Gadget Flow


If you’re a professional or hobbyist photographer, you know that your needs change depending on your location, so you have to be adaptable. And wouldn’t it be great if you had a camera bag that could adjust right along with you? The PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack can. This modular photography backpack is one you can customize to your needs, even when those needs change.

Whether you’re a pro or amateur photographer, one thing is sure; you need the right bag for your gear. Lenses, drones, laptops, and other photography equipment are expensive. So you don’t want to sling them around in just any backpack. No, you want a bag that will protect your accessories in any situation and is designed to go with you anywhere. And that’s why we’re presenting you with the PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack.

At first glance, this photographer’s backpack looks sleek and modern enough to be a cool everyday backpack. And the dark color options, Twilight Black and Olivine Camo add to that effect. But this bag is actually a two-in-one backpack that comes with a main bag and a built-in pouch that you wear on your shoulder. The pouch is an excellent option for when you want to carry a camera and a couple of lenses but don’t need all of your gear. Also, since most photographers find their best shots in the field, the PGYTECH OneMo features a water and wear-resistant material, ensuring that you’ll be able to use this bag for years to come.

This 2-in-1 camera bag makes travel easier

I mentioned above that this camera bag includes a main backpack as well as a shoulder bag. To go into more depth, the built-in, expandable sling bag makes it possible to leave gear you don’t need at home or in the car while you keep your essentials with you. This is ideal when you’re traveling or working on-the-go, because who wants to lug all of their equipment around when they need to be mobile? It’s great for creatives and designers who need to be on location for their work.

This backpacking camera bag is comfortable

When you have a camera backpack, of course, you’re going to want to take it hiking. But trekking up mountain paths can be a sweaty, humid venture. Luckily, the OneMo’s creators designed this bag with a soft, mesh cushion, and air tunnels. These details keep your back dry and the bag comfortable.

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack on a Hiker

This photography bag has compartments for everything

Inside the main bag, you’ll find three pockets dedicated to camera batteries. These pockets come with a charge level indicator, so you’ll always know how full your batteries are. This is a huge convenience for any photographer because it eliminates the risk of showing up to a location with dead batteries. Another great organizational feature is this camera bag’s modular design. The OneMo includes dividers that you can fold for limitless customization of the backpack. So you can arrange the main compartment in any setup that suits your needs, at any time. You’ll be able to fit cameras, lenses, a laptop, drones, and more in this bag.

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack on a Man Outdoors

The expandable storage feature makes this a great overnight bag

If you organize entire trips around your photography hobby, or if you’re a professional, this photographer’s backpack can also function as an overnight bag. It has a compressible storage space in the front of the backpack that you can use for more photography equipment or your clothes and bedtime kit.

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack on a Man in a Forest

This camera backpack has an anti-theft feature

When you’re carrying valuable equipment, you’re more vulnerable to pickpocketing. Thankfully, the OneMo comes with anti-theft features. The zippers are lockable and can withstand penetration. There’s also a safe pocket for your IDs and wallet that keeps your valuables tucked away.

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack in a Field

This stylish camera backpack is built to last

The best camera backpacks are made from durable, high-quality materials, and this photographer’s bag is no exception. The OneMo features a water-resistant material and even comes with a built-in rain cover for extreme weather conditions. This means you can hike to that waterfall in the mountains without worrying about unexpected rainstorms or accidental splashes. Also, the polyester fiber material is scratch and tear-resistant, so this is a bag that will last a long time. And by ‘long time,’ I mean for life. That’s right, this camera backpack has a lifetime warranty, so it might be the last camera bag you ever buy.

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack

PGYTECH OneMo Camera Backpack Shoulder Bag

This photographer’s backpack is an excellent bag for both amateur and professional photographers alike. The unique, modular design means this bag is endlessly customizable, and the two-in-one feature makes it ideal for travel. But what’s more, this backpack will keep your photography tools safe for a long, long time. If you’re looking for a great camera backpack, you’ll want to consider the OneMo.

The PGYTECH OneMo Camera Bag costs $199.90 on the official website.

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