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This startup is using AI to eradicate malaria


Nearly half the world’s population is at risk of malaria. The World Health Organization estimates that the disease killed more than 400,000 people in 2019.

A startup called ZzappMalaria hopes to shrink these numbers by targetting the mosquitoes that transmit the infection.

The company’s tech focuses on larviciding, a method of treating the water bodies in which the insects breed.

In conventional operations, fieldworkers can easily miss some of the vast quantities of water they need to larvicide.

ZzappMalaria’s mobile app uses AI to make their work easier.

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The system uses a neural network to extract locations of houses from satellite images, pinpointing where the affected populations live.

It then analyzes topography, radar data, and multispectral satellite imagery to create a heatmap of water body probabilities.

Credit: ZzappMalaria