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This new AI standing desk can make you more energetic » Gadget Flow


If you sit behind a desk all day, you’ll want to have a look at the NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk. This desk features AI, guided ergonomics, and other wellness benefits to keep you healthier while you work. Check out this blog post to learn more about this intelligent office furniture.

Do your energy levels start to dip around 2 pm? You might be able to combat your after-lunch sleepies and work more healthily if you have the right desk. The NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk, for one, is AI-powered, and its creators say that it can help boost your energy, mood, posture, and productivity. This is one AI standing desk worth checking out.

The NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk features a simple, streamlined design that allows plenty of space for your desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, and other devices. Interestingly, it even comes with its own touchscreen tablet, the hub of your workspace. This eight-inch HD touchscreen lets you change from sitting to standing, check the weather, use voice control, and more, all at the touch of a button.

Enjoy easy control of this sit-stand desk

The trouble with many sit-stand desks is they are clunky to operate. Sometimes the lever is difficult to move, or the adjustment is slow, taking away precious time from your projects. Luckily this AI standing desk’s touchscreen eliminates all of that hassle. Simply press a button to smoothly and quickly move the desk from standing to sitting position. From the touchscreen, you also get a snapshot of the NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk’s other features. Finally, you can also control this desk via Google Assistant for hands-free management.

Improve your posture thanks to this smart standing desk

According to the company’s website, this smart standing desk guides you to your perfect ergonomic posture with 25 step-by-step instructions. With pointers like that, you’re sure to always sit or stand in the proper position. This is something modern professionals need more than ever, especially since research suggests that chronic inactivity increases your risk for diabetes, hypertension, and other health problems.

NextErgo AI smart standing desk

NextErgo AI smart standing desk in an office setup

Stay healthy while you work with desk exercises

And with that in mind, the NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk provides you with desk exercises. These routines target the back, eyes, hands, neck, and shoulders to keep you moving and your body in better form throughout the day. And with the increased activity, you’re sure to improve your mood and have more energy. Best of all, when you need to relax, this standing desk also gives you yoga recommendations with step-by-step instructions.

NextErgo AI smart standing desk

NextErgo AI smart standing desk close up of the hub

Regulate your breathing with AI

This smart gadget also has AI. It offers you reminders about when to take deep breaths. And you’ve for sure heard of the benefits of deep breathing by now: a fuller oxygen exchange, slower heartbeat, and lower blood pressure. Having these intelligent reminders throughout the day can help you more easily integrate deep breathing into your life.

NextErgo AI smart standing desk

NextErgo AI smart standing desk with a person

Receive a full report on your activity

This AI desk also has presence detection sensors that can track your standing versus sitting times. You can see exactly how long you sit and stand on the Usage Reports at the end of your work session. These show you when you’ve been sitting too long and need to adjust to a standing position. They also provide data on your fitness goals, tracking, and analytics. It’s everything you need to decide how much activity you need in your workspace.

Reach your standing goal

Even cooler, the NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk suggests how long you should stand based on your Body Mass Index (BMI). So based on your height, weight, and gender, it provides a personalized estimate of how many hours you should stand per day. Once you have that goal in mind, it’s fun to reach that challenge every day. Plus, you’ll get reminders to drink water, go for a walk, or use the desk exercises. It’s really like having a health coach attached to your desk.

This desk is a great option if you want to be healthier while working. It’s easy to control, monitors your activity, makes healthy suggestions, and supports proper posture. What’s more, it even guides you through desk exercises and deep breathing techniques. Overall, the NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk is an excellent choice for any modern professional stuck behind a desk.

The NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk costs $599 and is coming soon on the company’s official website.

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