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This luxury automatic watch is one you can wear in the sea » Gadget Flow


Looking for a luxury watch you can wear every day, even while playing sports? Then check out the NAUTAGE D221 automatic dive watch. This watch is waterproof up to 660 feet, and you can even wear it in the sea. Keep reading this blog post to see why it should be your next accessory.

Wear a luxury automatic watch, even while you’re in the sea when you have the NAUTAGE D221 automatic dive watch. This minimalist timepiece has a Nordic-inspired design and gives you up to 200 meters of water resistance. You want to look nice and know that a luxury watch lends a certain sophistication to your getup. Yet, the typical luxury watch is fragile and expensive. You have to take it off to wash your hands, shower, and exercise to avoid certain destruction. Luckily, the NAUTAGE D221 is a durable automatic watch that can keep up with your activities.

The NAUTAGE D221 is a luxury automatic watch that’s taken two years in the making. Its streamlined design and curved lines give the watch a Nordic vibe. In fact, the watch’s creators drew their inspiration from nautical machinery and dive equipment. The case is made from stainless steel, and you can choose from either Dry Gold or Slate Grey colors. And when it comes to the straps, well, those are swappable and come in several different colors: brown, blue, and green; grey, purple, and blue; and yellow, orange, and red. So you really can match your watch to your look for the day. Let’s see what else this unique watch has to offer.

The case is bead blasted

We already mentioned that this luxury automatic watch’s case is made from durable stainless steel and two color options. But what’s most impressive about the case is the fact that it’s bead blasted. This process gives the case a smooth surface that reflects sunlight evenly from all directions, ensuring the color looks the same from all angles. It also reduces the impact of scratches, letting you go about your workday without worrying about bumping your watch on something silly, like the watercooler. Moreover, the Diver case is 41 mm in diameter and 50 mm from lug to lug. The case back is screw-in with centered, transparent sapphire glass.

NAUTAGE D221 automatic dive watch in a video

The strap features vulcanized NBR rubber

The NAUTAGE D221’s strap is also quite durable. It’s made from vulcanized NBR rubber, a type of rubber that has been processed in a way that increases its elasticity while decreasing its plasticity. This material is also resistant to saltwater, so you can keep this watch on your wrist while you swim in the sea without getting nervous. The strap also fits smoothly into the Diver’s lug, helping it fit seamlessly around your wrist.

Enjoy a Miyota 9039 movement

When the company searched for this luxury automatic watch movement, it hoped to find one that was small and of the highest quality available. They settled on a Miyota 9039 premium movement; it has 24 jewels, 42 hours of running time, and an accuracy of + – 10–30 seconds per day.

See the bezel for yourself

You won’t need impressive numbers to tell you about this bezel’s high quality. You can see it for yourself since it’s covered with transparent sapphire glass. Made from stainless steel and PVD coated to create the black matte surface, the bezel is a unique part of the NAUTAGE D221.

Check out this luxury sports watch’s beautiful dial, hands, and glass

This waterproof luxury watch’s other components are also high quality and beautiful. When it comes to the watch dial, you can choose either a white or black dial in combination with the case colors. This adds to the product’s cool design. Meanwhile, the hands are diamond-cut, resulting in the sharpest edges possible. Furthermore, the glass is sapphire crystal, making it durable enough to withstand your rugby practices.

The crown is water resistant

A watch crown is a piece that allows you to set the time. In the NAUTAGE D221, the crown is positioned at three o’clock and is screw-down, keeping the watch water-resistant up to 200 m/660 ft in depth. So go ahead, take this watch snorkeling and diving.

The NAUTAGE D221 automatic dive watch is the timepiece to have if you want a classy watch that can take on your favorite hobbies. From the basketball court to adventures on the kayak, this luxury watch can withstand it. The watch also features a gorgeous, Scandinavian design, and its variety of colorful straps give you flexibility. But most of all, what you can expect from this durable automatic watch are its quality components. No matter your interests, this is a watch you’ll be proud to wear.

The NAUTAGE D221 automatic dive watch normally costs €299 EUR/$745.62. You can preorder it for €299/$351.64 on Indiegogo. How do you like to stay active? Let us know about your favorite sports and the gadgets and accessories that stand up to them in the comment section.

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