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This high-res Sonic hack crams entire stages onto a single screen


So, you’ve just emptied your wallet on a dazzling new 4K monitor. What’s the first thing you’re firing up to really put it through its paces?  Gawking at every pore on Agent 47’s head? Admiring every scratch on your Warzone rifle? Better yet, how about fitting an entire level from Sega’s 25-year-old Sonic The Hedgehog games on a single screen?

Earlier this month coders from the Retro Engine Modding group managed to decompile the source code for Sonic Mania developer Christian Whitehead’s 2013 mobile ports of Sega’s original platformers (thanks, Ars Technica). While this lets the modders rebuild the game on anything from PC to the PlayStation Vita, it also opens up a whole world of opportunities to remix what are widely considered among the ‘best’ versions of Sonic 1 and 2.

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