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This full-color face mask lets you become different characters » Gadget Flow


Decide a character you want to be and look like them for a day. The What’s Your FACE LED mask lets you explore a profusion of characters and designs so you can constantly look like a different version of yourself. Continue reading to explore some of its best features.

One of the most popular reasons to wear a face mask is to prevent spreading or contaminating germs. But, when you have to wear one on a daily basis, you can feel like your identity becomes lost behind the mask. No-one can see your facial expressions or structure. Fortunately, What’s Your FACE is a new type of face mask that brings a fun factor to staying safe; it lets you become any type of character you want and boasts an array of LEDs to customize your appearance.

With thousands of LED combinations to explore—including friendly and direful characters, text, and music additions, you never have to look the same again every day.

Offers thousands of LED options

Part of the fun with this full-color face mask is that there are 2,000 LEDs to choose from, allowing you to create phenomenal designs. This inclusive range is huge and provides a plethora of character faces to choose from, including a ghost, monster, skeleton, and mythical creatures. This is great for catching attention, and it makes an easy custom option for fancy dress parties. But, you can also select minimalist, kid-friendly, and daytime-suitable faces.

No matter which you choose, the best feature about this LED mask is how user-friendly it is. Sift through the app and tap on each character design to see an instant result on your mask. As you continue clicking through the long list, you can trial different faces. And if you change your mind while you’re out, reach for the app for an immediate update. In fact, you can switch up the look by moving your hand in front of the mask. That way you never have to stick with one option all day.

A clown design on What’s Your FACE LED mask

Lets you explore your creative side

If you’re a creative individual wanting to showcase your own designs, this full-color face mask invites you to use your imagination. You can input your own photos into the app to display on the mask. Imagine how hilarious it’d be if you showed up at a friend’s house looking like an LED version of your pet?

Neon Culture invites you to be as outrageous, unique, or mundane as you prefer. Take time to perfect crafting a make-believe animal, or create an LED alternative of your own face. And the options don’t just end there. You can customize your own text to display to passersby. So, spread a positive message, showcase your favorite quote, or simply write ‘hi’ on the mask.

What's Your FACE LED mask

What’s Your FACE LED mask with a fun character

Plays music aloud through the mask

Coordinate your chosen look with a music equalizer effect that displays the different music levels on the mask. The LEDs will flow with the timing of the music. It’s great for music enthusiasts, and it adds movement to your design for the ultimate fun factor.

What's Your FACE LED mask

What’s Your FACE LED mask straight on

Rechargeable and lightweight design

There’s nothing intimidating about the functions of this mask. It’s lightweight and mobile, allowing you to conveniently carry it into any concert, convention, or event. Furthermore, the LEDs last for up to 12 hours, so the mask won’t suddenly run out of battery while you’re at a party. Best yet, the lights don’t fade with wear, so you’ll experience bright, high qualities during its entirety.

And when it needs charging, connect to a power source via a USB device. Also, the battery display on the front lets you know it’s charging status, which is a helpful feature for tracking its progress.

What's Your FACE LED mask

What’s Your FACE LED mask on charge

Provides comfortable for daily wear

This full-color face mask isn’t just a novelty purchase; it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. It securely attaches to your head via a back strap. This makes it easy to place on your head without any wires or buttons that will dig into your skin. Plus, it comes equipped with gaps for your eyes, so you can see clearly at all times without any safety risks.

And when it’s time to remove, securely place on a mannequin head or on a desk until next time. Aside from ensuring that the battery is topped up, the mask doesn’t require any maintenance because it doesn’t include a filtration system. This means that you don’t need to wash it or purchase a new one after a specific time; it’s reusable for life.

User-friendly and fun design

What’s Your FACE is easy to set up and adjust. Just download the app on your phone and sync the LED mask to your phone through Bluetooth. And with a huge range of LEDs, music, and character designs, you’ll never be short of designs. Moreover, it shields your mouth and nose to avoid bacteria and germs from spreading—helping to improve you and other people’s safety.

Add a whole new character aspect to your look, whether that’s for daily use or fun gatherings.

Preorder What’s Your FACE for $75 on Kickstarter today. What are some of your favorite characters you’d love to become for a day? Share your answers in the comments.

Amy Poole is an Editor and Writer at Gadget Flow. When she’s not indulged in everything gadget-related, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and keeping fit.

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