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This FPS finally does WWI combat right


The whistle blared in our ears signaling it was time to push west. After ten minutes of holding the French line, it was our turn to push into German territory and capture their trenches. My squad climbed the walls of the trench line into no man’s land and began our desperate sprint. We weaved around gunfire and dove into craters to briefly recover stamina while artillery spiked the earth nearby. We hit mud of the German trench, and two of us were shot dead. I rushed one with my bayonet while my squad leader delivered four rounds of his pistol into another. Just as I started patching up the wounded, the world cut to black as an artillery shell blew us all to smithereens.

That’s Beyond The Wire: a relentless World War I military sim that perfectly captures the brutality of trench warfare circa 1914. Many of us have it in our heads that WWI can’t be adapted into an interesting competitive shooter. The few examples out there have worn the conflict like a loose thematic cloak, failing to translate the primitive tools and weaponry of the era into authentic gameplay. Everything from Battlefield 1 to small indie shooters like Tannenberg or Verdun are fast-paced, arcadey war romps that bask in the aesthetics of the Great War while mostly hand-waving realism in action. Beyond The Wire, contrarily, embraces the limitations of early 20th-century combat and bakes them into the tactics required to succeed.

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