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This Echo Auto and Amazon Music Prime Day deal will have you cruising to your tunes


There are a ton of great deals going on right now for Prime Day 2020, but not all of them are as much of an impulse buy as this Echo Auto and Amazon Music Unlimited deal is. You see, the Echo Auto normally retails for $50 itself, so right away, you’re getting an Alexa-enabled device for more than half-off — not too shabby!

But the real steal here is the six months of the Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service thrown in for free! For non-Prime members, six months of Amazon Music Unlimited would cost over $60, and even if you’re a Prime member, you’re looking at almost $50 for six months or around $80 for 12 months. That alone pays for this deal multiple times over!

Along for the ride

Amazon Echo Auto with 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited

Alexa is your copilot

The Echo Auto brings Alexa functionality to any car, and this deal throws in one of the best deals in streaming with six months of free access to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Echo Auto

Source: Russell Holly / Android Central

I only recently purchased a vehicle equipped with an in-car infotainment system capable of showcasing the best of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but for the past year, I’ve been rocking out with Alexa thanks to the Amazon Echo device. It’s dead-simple to set up in any car, and I actually move it back and forth between our family van and my daughter’s car. It operates through the Alexa app on your phone and gives you hands-free access to Alexa, just as you have at home with your smart speakers or other Alexa-enabled devices.

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When I’m using the Echo Auto, I can easily ask Alexa for directions, the weather forecast, or to add items to my to-do or grocery lists. I can make calls and drop in on my Echo devices at home, and I can play games and access other fun Alexa Skills on the go. Plus, the Echo Auto has a physical mute button, so you can make sure that Alexa can’t hear you when you want or need some added privacy.

Amazon Music Hero

Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

As cool as that Echo Auto device is, the real value in this bundle is the six months of free access to Amazon Music Unlimited. If you’ve never heard of or used Amazon Music Unlimited before, you should definitely check it out, especially if you’re a Prime member. Prime members get discounts of $2/month on individual plans compared to what’s offered for non-Prime members, or what’s offered by the likes of Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music. Plus, Amazon Music Unlimited has great family plans, ad-supported free plans, and even HD-quality premium plans.

Amazon Music Unlimited offers over 50 million songs and has basically the same streaming catalog as all of the other major services. It does offer more in the way of high-definition audio, and now it also offers spoken word content like podcasts and live Twitch streams.

If you don’t currently have a good car infotainment system, or if you’re looking for a great music streaming service value, grab this deal now while it lasts!

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