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This couch desk is a perfect example of how to game in comfort » Gadget Flow


Want to game more comfortably? Consider gaming from your couch. It’s entirely possible when you have the right setup, and the Couchmaster CYCON2 can help. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this cool lap desk for gamers.

Gaming from your couch should be comfortable. After all, the couch is probably one of the coziest pieces of furniture you own with its fluffy yet supportive cushions. In reality, though, most people who game from their sofa are hunched over their keyboard as they play, their shoulders tense and neck craned toward the TV screen. It’s not the best position to be in for hours at a time. And that’s why—if you regularly game in front of a screen—you should consider a couch desk like the Couchmaster CYCON2 lap desk for gaming.

The Couchmaster CYCON2 gives you a super comfortable way to game on your couch. This lap desk features a wide, supportive playing desk that can hold a keyboard and a mouse. It also has USB 3.0 ports where you can plug them in. This updated Couchmaster includes more compact and sleek cushions with their quality memory foam and suede-like cover.

Enjoy great ergonomics with this lap desk

Tired of hunching over your lapboard? Or, worse, balancing your keyboard on your knees as you play? Luckily, this couch desk promotes good back posture, according to the company’s website. It cites Roland Kellerbach, a physiotherapist in Köln -Dellbrük, Germany, who writes that the Couchmaster CYCON2 is one of the best options for ergonomic operation of your PC/laptop from a couch. The physiotherapist says that the large cushions help relieve tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, preventing muscle cramps. A gaming gadget that lets you game comfortably and reduces strain on the body is just what every gamer needs.

Couchmaster CYCON2 lap desk for gaming

Couchmaster CYCON2 lap desk for gaming top view

Enjoy a smart design

But ergonomics isn’t the only thing this couch desk is good at. It also has a pretty useful design. It boasts a total of six USB 3.0 ports that let you charge devices like your keyboard, mouse, gamepad, headset, smartphone, and more. It’s so convenient to have these devices charging right next to you while you sit you sit. You’ll also get a smoother connection to your game. Plus, the cable management system also had a reboot and is more accessible through the backside flaps. It’s never been easier to game comfortably in your living room.

Connect this lap desk to your computer

And just how does the Couchmaster CYCON 2 get the power to charge your devices? That’s a good question. The company’s website writes that a cable developed for this couch desk connects it to your PC. This gives you additional power with the included power supply unit. This ensures you can plug even the most power-needy devices into this gaming desk without any issues.

Be gentler on the environment with this gaming desk

You appreciate sustainable, resource-saving gadgets. According to the company’s website, this product’s packaging has been considerably reduced in size by a vacuum process of the cushions. This also helps save on resources. What’s more, the support board is made from recycled plastic material. So you can feel good knowing that this gaming accessory makes use of plastic that has already been created.

Stay organized with side pockets and Velcro

What’s more, this couch desk keeps you organized while you game. That’s because it has side pockets where you can stow your remote, drink, cables, and more. If its something you like to have with you while you game, you can probably store it in these pockets. Furthermore, the Couchmaster CYCON2 also comes with self-adhesive Velcro tape to secure your peripherals to the desk.

Choose a gaming gadget made of high-quality materials

When you game, you want accessories that are made of high-quality materials. Luckily, the Couchmaster CYCON2 features a microfiber that has a suede look. So you can rest your forearms against a soft, durable fabric while you play. Moreover, you can choose to have it in black and gray colors that blend well with the rest of your gear.

Get the perfect fit with this gaming accessory

Best of all, the Couchmaster CYCON2 is adjustable. That’s right; the armrest and lapboard are separate pieces and are freely adjustable to fit any size. You’ll love that you have the flexibility to change this desk’s size whenever you need to.

It’s great that there’s finally a gaming desk that allows you to game from your couch in comfort with the correct posture. We also love that this couch desk has six USB ports that power your devices right next to you while you play. It’s definitely a cool gadget that any gamer will appreciate.

The Couchmaster CYCON2 lap desk for gaming is available for preorder, and costs $179 on the official website. Do you game from your couch? If so, what gaming gadgets do you find indispensable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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