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This compact air purifier lets you breathe clean air anywhere » Gadget Flow


Ideally, you’d breathe clean air wherever you went, but taking an air purifier everywhere is impossible. Or is it? The Bionic Cube is a filterless air purifier that’s portable. And it can clean an entire room’s air in minutes. Read this blog post to find out more.

Purify the air, anywhere, with the Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier. This compact air purifier measures just 92 millimeters on each side but is extremely powerful. In fact, it uses bipolar ionization technology to generate 200 million ions per cubic centimeter. This lets it remove viruses, like the cold and flu, right from the air. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative air purifier.

The Bionic Cube looks like a petit desk fan with its easel legs and mesh covering. With a workspace gadget this cute, you’d never suspect that it was silently combatting VOCs, smoke, mold, bacteria, and more right from your nightstand. But it does. Its efficient, high-power, six-speed fan moves enough charged air particles to fill a 300+ square-foot room at a rate of 65 cubic feet per minute in 10 minutes or less. So this is no wimpy air purifier. Equipped with rubberized corners and arm tips, this gadget also won’t scratch delicate surfaces, either.

How does bipolar ionization work?

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, the Bionic Cube’s bipolar ionization technology creates a natural bioclimate rich in positive and negative ions, much like the sun does. The negative ions contain an extra electron, while the positive ions lack an electron. This results in instability for both ions. To restabilize, they search out atoms and molecules in the air with whom they can trade an electron. This neutralizes the dirty air. As the concentration of ions in the air increases, so does the air quality.

Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier in a video

Generate an incredible amount of clean air with this portable air purifier

When this company says its product is an ion-producing behemoth, it’s not joking. This compact air purifier can fill your entire breathing space with optimal levels of ions. That’s thanks to its plasma unit that produces a constant flow of more than 200 million ions per cubic centimeter. With so many charged ions in the air, viruses, smoke, VOCs, mold, and bacteria don’t stand a chance. It’s the ultimate health gadget, because it keeps the air you breathe seriously clean.

Bionic Cube filterless air purifier in a closet

Take this filterless air purifier anywhere

Even if you already own an air purifier, you’ll want to consider getting the Bionic Cube. That’s because this compact air purifier can go anywhere. It plugs into a USB power source, so you can have an air purifier not just at home but while you’re on the go. So go ahead, set it up in the coffee shop while you enjoy that latte, or prop it up on your carry-on while you wait to board your flight. No matter where you are, you can set up this portable air purifier for cleaner air.

This compact air purifier lets you breathe clean air anywhere Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier
Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier in a kitchen

Choose a technology favored by hotels and luxury jet planes

The company writes that Bionic Cube is powered by Plasma Air’s patented bipolar ionization technology. It uses components that have been certified by independent laboratories and create high volumes of positive and negative ions in any room. It’s the same technology that luxury jets have used since 2012. The company also writes that hotels, airports, schools, casinos, and many other businesses depend on Plasma Air’s technology.

This compact air purifier lets you breathe clean air anywhere Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier
Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier on a counter

Airflow makes this purifier even better

This compact air purifier even has a patent-pending ion dispersion system. This is what makes the Bionic Cube truly unique. It enables the device to pull air in from all sides, allowing it to provide 360 degrees of inlet air. It allows for the best dispersion of positive and negative ions wherever you place it.

This compact air purifier lets you breathe clean air anywhere Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier
Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier in different color options

How is Bionic Cube different from the standard air purifier?

Unlike the typical air purifier, which must pass all air through a filter, the Bionic Cube actively purifies the air in a space because it fills the air with charged ions. This also decontaminates surfaces and pollutants. Conversely, the standard air purifier has no decontaminating effect on your space. So this compact air purifier is definitely something you want to have around if you’re unsure about an area’s air quality.

This filterless portable air purifier is easy to use

You’ll be happy to know that this compact air purifier has no complex setup or maintenance procedures. Just plug it into a USB power source, switch the power on, and choose your fan speed. Then, you can breathe easy as the Bionic Cube does its work.

The Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier is a powerful device in a compact size. It fits easily in your car, on your desk, and more. And your powering options are flexible, thanks to the USB power source. If you want to ensure that the air you breathe is clean everywhere you go, this is a gadget you’ll want to add to your EDC.

Pledges for the Bionic Cube typically start at $250. Currently, you can preorder yours on Kickstarter for the reduced price of $150. How would you use this ionized air purifier? Let us know in the comments.

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