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This Bioshock recreation is the big daddy of all Fallout 76 shelters


The Bioshock series is officially leaving Rapture in Bioshock 4, but the deep-sea dystopia now lives on in the form of a Fallout 76 shelter. Using only the in-game tools, Kenneth Vigue—who Fallout fans may recognise as the creator of the CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story podcast—has transformed the shelters into a stunning recreation of Rapture. 

There’s a clever use of Fallout 76’s items, like how a bungalow serves as the bathysphere and the jellyfish are constructed from lamps. Glass walls, along with some landscaping, provide an accurate Rapture-esque terrain. The plasmids vending machine is adorned with Vault Girls rather than Little Sisters, and there’s a not-so-Big Daddy (AKA a guy in a diving suit.)

Vigue told PC Gamer that he completed the project, “in the span of two weeks” and dove back into the original Rapture. “To get the mood and structures right, I ended up replaying those first levels of Bioshock to make sure my memory served me correctly in terms of how I wanted to lay it out and recreate the experience.”

Fallout 76 Bioshock shelter

(Image credit: Kenneth Vigue/Bethesda)

One of the great things about this recreation is the blend of the two aesthetics: it’s so close to Rapture, then you catch a glimpse of something Fallout-ey. The two blend wonderfully well (they are, after all, both indebted to much of the same Americana). 

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