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This amazing self-cleaning shirt cuts down on your laundry » Gadget Flow


Tired of doing laundry day in and day out? And do you feel a little guilty about all the soap your washing pours into the environment? The makers of this self-cleaning shirt hear you. The HercLeon self-cleaning shirt is clothing you can wear for multiple days—or an entire month—without washing.

You toss your t-shirt into the hamper and notice that it’s full. Again. And you just did laundry, yesterday. That’s the problem with most types of clothing; you need to wash them after every wear to get rid of any odor, stains, and sweat. But washing clothes is a hassle. And then there’s the environmental concern; constantly using your washing machine unleashes chemicals into the water and consumes a lot of energy. But what if your clothes could clean themselves? The HercLéon self-cleaning shirt can.

HercLéon shirts are unique in that you can wear them for days, a week, or up to a month without washing them. That’s right; this is a shirt you can wear for 30 days without putting it in the washing machine. And it won’t even smell bad at the end. This self-cleaning shirt is comfortable to wear, breathable, and anti-odor. Best of all, it’s designed to accompany you no matter where life takes you. Wear it for days in a row while you’re working from home, during your workouts, or a weekend getaway.

Choose clothing made with HercFiber

HercLéon shirts are made with HercFiber, fabric in copper wire, which causes bacteria to decompose continuously. The material is the result of three years of research and development. HercFiber blends ultra-refined beechwood, copper-infused fiber, and quality spandex for a fabric that kills odor-producing bacteria before they even have a chance to accumulate on your shirt.

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt on a Woman in Front of a Mountain

Let this odor-resistant shirt air out

For the best results, the company recommends letting your HercLéon air out for a few hours after use. Afterward, your shirt will smell and feel freshly laundered. It’s a busy professional’s or parent’s dream. Can you imagine not having to throw your shirt in the laundry after every wear? With HercLéon, you can feel confident wearing your shirt for multiple days, knowing that it won’t get smelly.

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt on a Man and a Woman Sitting on a Rock

Protect yourself from the sun

This self-cleaning shirt also offers UV protection. That means you can wear it in the intense sun without worrying about protecting your skin underneath. However, you’ll probably still have to wear sunscreen on your arms and neck. But your shoulders, an area that receives a lot of sun exposure, will be protected. Also, HercLéon shirts feature body temperature regulating qualities. This means that the shirt will help you stay at a comfortable temperature, no matter the weather.

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt on a Man and a Woman in Front of Mountains

Stay dry while exercising

Your daily exercise routine can cause you to build up a sweat. That’s why this self-cleaning shirt has moisture-wicking properties that allow it to pull moisture away from the skin and draw it to the exterior of the fabric. This makes it easier for the sweat to evaporate. So if you’re tired of soaking through your shirt every time you go for a run, this self-cleaning shirt is the workout gear for you. Also, HercLéon is sweat spread-resistant, meaning that if you sweat in a particular area, say under your arms, it won’t create huge moisture marks the way a typical t-shirt does.

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt on a Woman in Front of a Field

Don’t worry about washing this quick-dry shirt

You’ll have to wash this self-cleaning shirt at some point, but when you do, it will be a breeze. That’s because this shirt is durable. It’s also quick-drying, so you won’t have to wait around for it for hours to be moisture-free. What’s more, it’s pill-resistant, meaning it won’t break out in puffballs when you wash it, unlike some cotton t-shirts. And did I mention this shirt is also wrinkle and shrink-resistant? This is an excellent shirt for a busy student, professional, or parent because it’s clothing that practically takes care of itself. Since we all have too much to do every day, we shouldn’t have to stress about laundry, too. HercLéon makes stress-free washing possible.

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt

HercLéon Self-Cleaning T-Shirt on a Man in Front of a Wall

Live your active life

You’ve got too much to do without wondering if your clothes can stand up to your active lifestyle. For that reason, HercLéon’s creators have made this self-cleaning shirt built to last. So you can wear it during your intense workouts, mountain hikes, or just running errands. The point is, you need a shirt that can keep up with your pace, and this self-cleaning shirt is it.

It seems like we’re on a constant cycle of dirtying our clothes and then washing them. This is time-consuming and harmful to the planet. Thankfully, self-cleaning clothing like HercLéon is becoming more popular and gives us an alternative. As a busy mom and professional, I know what article of clothing I’m adding to my closet this fall. I only hope a line of kids’ or business casual apparel is on the way, too.

HercLéon self-cleaning shirts cost $79, and you can preorder them on Indiegogo.

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