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This 22-course mega-package can make you a project management superstar


TLDR: Over 22 courses, The Premium 2021 Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle lays out the plans and tools for becoming a certified project management pro.

Even in today’s business climate, there are still some old rules that are just as relevant now as they were going all the way back. One of those is: if you want to advance in your current company or the next, you need to be bringing new skills to the table.

For example, understanding how to build and execute a project management plan requires more than just drive and smarts. It requires actually knowing the proven methodologies that get large scale projects rolling and the tools to get those plans done successfully.

The Premium 2021 Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle ($45.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) is positively brimming over with those knowledge sets, including hands-on experience with multiple project styles and tools, as well as the training to get certified as an accomplished project management expert.

This package is no lightweight surface gloss over the material either. It includes a hefty 22 different courses, collectively covering more than 80 hours of training in all facets of understanding and leading major development initiatives.

Students can get things underway with helpful overview instruction like the Project Management in One Hour course. While no training can get a learner prepared for all the ins and outs of project management in only an hour, they can certainly get a newbie ready, armed with the concepts and processes they’ll need to know to start more specific training.

With more coursework in subjects like risk management and leadership, the package then offers a deep dive into Lean and Lean Six Sigma, one of the most popular PM methodologies used today. 

Lean focuses primarily on improving performance by eliminating waste during the process. The two-part Lean Masterclass outlines that complete process, pointing the way to identifying waste in a business pipeline, as well as how to enable Lean thinking and get peers, subordinates and even superiors on board. 

Meanwhile, there’s also a three-course sub-set honed in on Lean Six Sigma methodology, which combines waste cutting with steps for cutting out defects in the production flow to speed up the process toward better results.

The full collection of training also prepares students for their shot at passing project management’s most renowned certification, the Project Management Institute’s PMP exam.

The Premium 2021 Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle is usually a $4,400 package of in-depth training, but right now, it’s available for just over $2 per course, only $45.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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