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These Diablo 3 speedrunners beat two world records with one outrageous run


The speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick has no shortage of awesome speedruns, but this Diablo 3 run is the best one I’ve seen this week. Unlike most other runs at the event, which are done solo or as competitive two-player races, the Diablo 3 speedrun was a joint effort by three players working in tandem to whip Diablo’s (and Malthael’s) ass as quickly as possible. But runners meatr0o, Heckson, and Whisperra did a lot more than that: They beat two world records at the same time.

The run, which clocks in at a total time of 1:19:15, not only beat the previous world record for the Diablo 3 three-player category but also topped the four-player category—and it did it with minutes to spare, too. That’s impressive since having a fourth helping hand makes the game even easier. But meatr0o, Heckson, and Whisperra pull it off with some incredible coordination and a few extremely lucky loot drops.

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