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These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020


Motorola is one of the oldest and most recognizable phone brands in the world, and while it may not have the same dominance in the market that it once did, the company still kicks out some truly excellent products. If you know you want your next phone to be a Motorola one, here are the best ones that are out right now.

Best of the bunch

Moto G Power

Staff Pick

If you want the best mix of specs, features, and value, the Moto G Power is the way to go. Motorola’s G-series has always been about delivering quality phones at great prices, and the G Power is an exceptional example of that goal. The star of the show is the 5,000 mAh battery, offering up to three days of use per charge. Rounding out the experience is a great 6.4-inch Full HD+ display, reliable performance thanks to the Snapdragon 665, and a trio of rear cameras that are a ton of fun to use.

$250 at Amazon
$250 at Best Buy
$249 at Walmart

The one with a stylus

Moto G Stylus

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 2

In a lot of ways, the Moto G Stylus is a lot like the G Power. It has the same 6.4-inch Full HD+ display, Snapdragon 665 chipset, and a nearly identical design. It drops the battery capacity to 4,000 mAh (still very respectable), increases the internal storage up to 128GB, and upgrades the primary rear camera to a 48MP sensor. The big draw to the phone, however, is the included stylus. You can use it to draw, take notes, or more-easily navigate the user interface.

$300 at Amazon
$300 at Best Buy
$299 at Walmart

Hard-to-beat price

Moto G Fast

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 3

We think the Moto G Power delivers a near-perfect mix of specs and features at a very reasonable price, but should you find yourself needing to spend even less money, there’s the Moto G Fast. It keeps the G Power’s design, Snapdragon 665 processor, and rear camera setup, but it makes a few notable compromises. The display is only HD+, there’s less RAM and internal storage, and stereo speakers are replaced by a chitnzy mono one. If you really need to save that extra cash, the G Fast may be worth a look.

$200 at Amazon
$200 at Best Buy
$200 at Walmart

Tons of features

Moto G8 Plus

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 4

Even though it’s not officially sold in the U.S., the Moto G8 Plus still manages to be a solid phone if you’re looking for a good value. Motorola equipped the G8 Plus with all the right features, including a 6.3-inch Full HD display, Snapdragon 665 processor, a 4,000 mAh battery, and three rear cameras — one of which records landscape video when you hold the phone vertically. The G8 Plus should work without any issues on T-Mobile and AT&T, but keep in mind you don’t get an official warranty.

$239 at Amazon
$247 at Walmart
$240 at Newegg

Dirt cheap

Moto E (2020)

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 5

All of Motorola’s Moto G phones represent some of the best deals the Android landscape has to offer, but what if you need to spend even less money? Enter the Moto E. This isn’t a phone that’ll blow you away with its blistering performance or amazing cameras, but it offers a barebones Android phone that does all of the basics at an incredibly low price. You can use it to check Twitter, clear out your email inbox, watch YouTube, and it does all of it just fine. At this price, that’s all you can ask for.

$150 at Amazon
$150 at Best Buy
$149 at Walmart

The flagship returns

Motorola Edge+

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 6

It’s been a hot minute since Motorola released a proper flagship, but with the Edge+, the company has finally returned to that market. This is a premium Android handset through and through, and it brings a lot to the table. Its 6.7-inch display is quite the looker, featuring an AMOLED panel, Full HD+ resolution, and 90Hz refresh rate. Powering the Edge+ is the Snapdragon 865 processor, 12GB of RAM, and a massive 5,000 mAh battery. The only downside? It’s exclusive to Verizon.

$1000 at Motorola

Action camera

Motorola One Action

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 7

Jumping into the Motorola One lineup, we have the Motorola One Action. As the name suggests, the big draw to this phone is its 16MP action camera. This sensor is used exclusively for video capture, and it allows you to hold your phone vertically and record landscape videos. It’s the same type of camera in the G8 Plus, but the One Action is the phone that first introduced it. You’re also getting a tall 21:9 display, 128GB of expandable storage, and compatibility for all major U.S. carriers.

$350 at Amazon
$250 at Best Buy
$250 at B&H

Up close and personal

Motorola One Zoom

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 8

We’ve seen a lot of advancements in phone cameras lately, and the Motorola One Zoom is Motorola’s chance to shine in these regards. The phone is equipped with four rear cameras, consisting of a 48MP main sensor, 16MP wide-angle sensor, 5MP depth sensor, and an 8MP telephoto sensor that offers 3x optical zoom. The phone’s also equipped with a 6.4-inch OLED display, up to two days of battery on one charge, and a Snapdragon 675 processor paired with 4GB of RAM.

$400 at Amazon
$370 at Walmart

Selfie king

Motorola One Hyper

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 9

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying the popularity of selfies. If selfies are something you take seriously, the Motorola One Hyper was made for you. The Hyper features a 32MP front-facing camera, allowing for incredibly detailed selfies like never before. Even more impressive is that it retracts inside the phone when you aren’t using it. Other highlights include a 64MP primary rear camera, 6.5-inch Full HD+ display, a Snapdragon 675 processor, and support for up to 45W wired charging.

$305 at Amazon
$389 at Newegg

If we had to choose

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 10

Almost all of Motorola’s phones these days are targeted at the low or mid-end markets, and of all the devices currently in its portfolio, the one that stands out as the clear winner is the Moto G Power. The G Power offers a near-perfect balance of offering a modern design and great specs at an affordable price, and we especially love that it works on every carrier in the U.S.

There’s no denying that the G Power is an awesome value, but if you’re someone that really needs to stretch their dollars, the Moto E (2020) or Moto G Fast are also worth considering. No, these aren’t the most exciting Android handsets out there, but they deliver reliable day-to-day experiences while keeping costs to a minimum.

These are the very best Motorola phones you can buy in 2020 11

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