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These are the top 5 U.S. Google searches ahead of Election Day


With this election cycle finally coming to an end next week (in theory) on Tuesday, Nov. 3, Americans have been busy looking up questions related to last-minute political and voting news. 

For the period between Oct. 22 and Oct. 29, these were some of the top searches we asked Google. 

1. What is the salary of a Supreme Court justice?

In a whirlwind confirmation process since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death in September, conservative Trump pick Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in to the Supreme Court this week. With the new associate justice installed into the lifetime position, people were curious about the job details. Judicial compensation for her role starts at $265,600 per year.

2. How do I change my vote?

Google Trends told us this question spikes on Google search every four years. And this presidential election is no different, especially with the rise in early voting. Contrary to Trump’s unfounded assertion in a tweet, this query could be to change someone’s selection for president, or any of the other local and state races. 

Trump’s claim that, in most states, you can you can change your ballot is wrong, especially if your mail-in ballot was already tabulated. As Quartz points out, only a handful of states allow redos. 

3. Who is Bobulinski?

That would be Tony Bobulinski who was on Fox News with Tucker Carlson this week to talk about working with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Bobulinski has attempted to link the elder Biden to a Chinese business deal, but those claims have not been corroborated

4. Who is the youngest president?

Well, it’s definitely not Trump (he’s 74), and if Biden wins the election next month he would be the oldest president elected. He’s already 77, and turning 78 next month. On the other end of the spectrum, the youngest president was John F. Kennedy, who was only 43 when he took office. 

5. Who is Florida man?

Florida man” was back in the news this week because of a voter registration hack — that targeted the Florida governor. This particular Florida man was arrested after changing the address for Gov. Ron DeSantis so that his polling pace was changed. 

The catch-all term “Florida man” has become commonplace to embody all the strange antics and news stories that come from the state. This time “Florida man” got political.

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