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The weirdest Hitman 3 weapons and how to get them

The weirdest Hitman 3 weapons and how to get them 2

As the name suggests, Hitman is a game about hitting men. And occasionally poking them, pushing them, shooting them and other verbs that tend to end in the grave. Each level is littered with Hitman 3 weapons to turn to your malicious purpose, but all of them hide juicier tools of destruction. These might be more unusual stabbing tools or unique items that will complete in-game challenges when used in the right way.

I’ve scoured the locations in Agent 47’s latest murderous adventure to uncover the weirdest Hitman 3 weapons and share their locations with you. As always, do not run with sharp objects in your hand and please make sure no one is peeking as you use them on the nearest villain.

Where to find the weirdest Hitman 3 weapons, by level


(Image credit: IO Interactive)

Ornate Scimitar
Grab the Ornate Scimitar from the Penthouse Study on Level 4. It’s by the desk where grumpy Carl Ingram works on his book. It’s handy for hacking through guards in close-quarters combat, and picking it up completes the Toothpick challenge for the level.

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