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The top 5 EVs you should be excited for in 2021


This past year was slated by some to be the “year of the EV.” Having seen a number of new electric vehicles reach the market, it’s certainly been a very positive year for electrified cars — even despite the global pandemic.

Here at SHIFT, we think that in 10 years time — when gasoline vehicles are banned — we’ll look back on an entire decade of EVs that will be worth remembering. There will be highlights for sure, but we doubt that one year alone will stand out among the rest.

Why? Because 2021 will be another year that we see many more exciting and futuristic EVs unleashed into the wild. Here are the ones we’re looking forward to most.

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Trucks, trucks, trucks

2021 is going to be the year that electric trucks could transcend their CAD designs and finally hit our roads. Honestly, we could probably write an entire article about electric trucks, but here’s the one we’re really looking forward to.

In 2021, we should finally see the Rivian SUVs hit the roads. On a personal note, this is probably my highlight for the year, Rivian if you’re reading this… get in touch please.

Credit: Rivian