For several years the expenses on the meal was a major concern for all the working individuals. One had to spend a huge chunk of their salary on food. And also, as often one has to live in other places away from home for work purposes, arranging groceries and food for oneself tends to be a tedious task. However, there is a solution for this problem too. Nowadays, employers have used an innovative approach to help the employees to have their-hand salary by reducing the taxes.

 A portion of the employee salary is given to them as a meal pass with a digital meal card. And here comes Sodexo meal pass into the picture. It is India’s leading meal benefit solution for employees. It is a tax-compliant solution that is offered to any employee by the firm. It is a digitally secured pin-based card. It can increase the in-hand salary of the employees, and it significantly reduces the tax levied on the monthly income of an individual. And this saved amount can be used by you to pay for your meals and beverages.

The Sodexo meal pass is accepted at many stores, including some of the famous outlets such as McDonald’s, KFC, Box8, etc. Furthermore, it is also accepted by the different online food and grocery delivery platforms such as grofers, big basket, zomato, and swiggy. Thus, if you want to know the detailed procedure, where can I use Sodexo card online or offline. Then for this, you need to follow this article.

Sodexo Meal Pass on Grofers

In the current scenario, It is regarded as the type of currency that provides individuals with the freedom to pay for their groceries with this digital card. And Grofers has also lent a helping hand in this retain grocery shopping transformation by accepting the Sodexo meal pass, thereby bringing enhanced convenience and savings for an individual. By using this pass, you can avail of savings and get quality products delivered to your home instantly. Moreover, you can seamlessly buy all the groceries with a simple tap from your smartphone and pay with the Sodexo meal pass.

On Zomato and Swiggy

If you want to know where I can use Sodexo card online, you can also use it to book foods and beverages online through Zomato and Swiggy. Now order your favorite foods from your favorite outlets in the city through the online delivery platform zomato and swiggy. After adding the dishes to your cart, you can seamlessly use your Sodexo meal pass to pay for the food.

Other Online Platforms

If you want to know which are some of the other platforms where the Sodexo meal card is accepted online, then the answer to this question is that you can use it on Jiomart and Bigbasket.

Other Places Where Sodexo Meal Pass is Accepted

Apart from the online platform, there are a wide number of places where you can use the Sodexo meal pass can be used. If you want to know how to use Sodexo meal pass and where to use then follow this place. With Jio money wallet and prepaid payment instrument of Jio payments bank has integrated the Sodexo meal pass payment. So you can use the Sodexo meal pass to pay for different online and offline merchants, like Kirana stores, grocery shops, restaurants, cafes, etc., across the country.

How To Use the Sodexo Meal Pass?

We have already discussed places to use the Sodexo meal pass for online and offline shopping. And thus, it will quench your thirst for the question of where Sodexo meal pass can be used. Now let us discuss how you can use the Sodexo meal pass. To use the Sodexo meal pass, you need to activate it online or by SMS. The card comes with a validity period of 5 years, and you can use it to seamlessly purchase your groceries, foods, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.


Thus, above, we have discussed where you can use the Sodexo meal pass for online or offline purchases. And we have also answered some questions, such as do swiggy accept Sodexo and does grofers accepts Sodexo. Hence, this article will guide you to have a comprehensive idea of what Sodexo is and where and how to use the card.