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The Sleep Habits, Mindfulness & Meditation Bundle


Getting a good night’s sleep has a long list of positive benefits that greatly increase the quality of life. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to sleep well, either we can’t fall asleep or wake up and stay up tossing and turning. Then we spend our day feeling cranky, irritable and not being able to think clearly. There is good news—you can use the power of your mind and some simple behavioral changes to improve the quality of your sleep. This course includes a 10 minute Guided Progressive Relaxation to help you drift off into a deep, restful sleep!

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  • Access 23 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Understand why sleep matters & how it works
  • Know how much sleep you really need & how waking up at night may be normal
  • Learn how to live your life in a way that enhances your sleep
  • Learn techniques to help you fall asleep (or back asleep)
  • Explore natural remedies to sleep better
  • Learn powerful breathing & mental exercises to empower your sleep and your life
  • Help you help those you love (or your clients) get a better night’s sleep
Transformation Services

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Transformation Services is an online education company dedicated to empowering INDIEpreneurs and transformation junkies to fulfill their purpose and live life on their terms! They empower entrepreneurs to create a purpose-driven business so they can make money doing what they love and use their gifts to make a unique impact in the world.

The Founders

Natalie Rivera earned a degree in sociology and education. In 2007 she opened a non-profit teen coaching center, where she worked with teenagers and their parents to open communication and strengthen their relationships. She created an 8-hour program called the Parent Teen Challenge in which she worked with first-time offenders in the Prosecution Alternatives for Youth program.

Joeel Rivera, M.Ed. has a Masters in Counseling and Education and is finishing his Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis on happiness. He has been a relationship counselor and workshop facilitator since 2007 and is certified in PREP, a 30-year research-based program. Joeel and Natalie have over 40,000 students from 183 countries.

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