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The rich mans’ dream and fastest boat ride

One of the design benchmark not only for the yacht is that the closer you come the more you find it pleasurable. Having just a ride over the JP54, that is a 54ft remarkably lightweight, swift carbon yacht is the combined idea of French artist Verdier and racer, Jean Pierre D. the boat has been a wonderful work of art with the swiftness of lightning and style of athletes

The modern piece was hurled from NZ and now is in the southern regions of France where it’s being exhibited at the Cannes boat show. The highly swift vessel is feather light and to my astonishment weighs only 9 tones

The boat is crafted as a scale down version and not adding to surprises it’s a baby product of the high profiled Verdier particular for JP Dick.

The boat is to build and facilitate the market the translation of solo riders’ belief of simplicity, potency, swiftness, and ease of handling

Hence the JP54 is a product of carbon from the inside out and carries twin helms and a strong sailing ballast.  The boat doesn’t carry any water ballast neither retractable centerboards that interferes with the interiors. The keel can be upwind to the angle of 20 degrees to offer better lift and good stability

The deck of JP54

The aesthetic deck of JP54 is simple and created for ease. The wrap-ups of gennaker channel and staysail make way beneath the starboard. The side deck and foothold are combined with the chief halyard, staysail sheets and barber hauler that all lead to starboard of the roof of the cabin and to the hydraulic hoist next to the starboard wheel and near to the exit companionway.

It translates that all the functions can be taken care of easily, nearby the wheel as the Solent makes way to another hydraulic hoist just after. The whole port facing deck is so clean and transparent along with side where cockpit seats and tables are placed.

The JP54 has become a common preference for motorsport racers, and serious buyers of JP54 since the vessel has the most potent hydraulic hoists to organize the mainsail twist

The deck can also be utilized by some ingenious cruising ideas such as brine jet that flashes in addition to the bowsprit when the hauling is curved in the anchor chain for cleaning.

The admirable design and mechanics

The tip can be raised to 50 degrees to lower the breeze till 2.5m for shallow waters and docks and carry a 1000lt balancing tank behind the starboard. The major objective of which is to scale the yacht level when the tip is adjusted over to rest on the dock. Ingenious designs

However, below this yacht it even more fun to explore. The JP54 is uniquely different from its designs. it is not a choice for every individual, being polite, it’s quite impossible that one don’t admire the luxury and originality behind every scale and the smallest of details

The centerboard is an aesthetic carbon shell involving the midpoint station and pantry that is easy to spin merry go round. The entire center of the room, table involves rotation from either side to the other taking advantage of the magic fit hydraulic ram. With the feather-light yacht, the weight of this merry go round interior is potentially notable

Final words

So this a rich mans’ fantasy and overflowing aesthetic and ingenuity of the work. We can see a huge market demand for such specialized vessel.


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