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The perfect Call of Duty zombies mode is here, and it’s not Outbreak


Call of Duty’s obscure top-down zombies minigame sure has come a long way since it had to be hacked out of a computer terminal in the original Black Ops. Dead Ops Arcade is back in Black Ops – Cold War as a dedicated Zombies spinoff, but all you really need to know is that Treyarch flew off the handle last month and made it first-person. Call me crazy, but I think they’ve accidentally stumbled on the perfect Zombies mode.

I hopped into the new Dead Ops mode with exactly zero expectations. I’m not much of a traditional Zombies guy (I bore easily by running around the same map for an hour), but I was curious to see how a top-down shooter would translate to first-person. Remarkably well, as it turns out. Aiming and movement feel exactly like standard Cold War, but shooting couldn’t feel more different. Like a proper bullet hell shooter, there’s no need to ever reload or aim-down-sights, so the action never has to slow down.

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