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The Last Campfire is a whimsical adventure that is worlds away from No Man’s Sky


Before this week, we hadn’t heard much about The Last Campfire, Hello Games’ pocket-sized adventure. The No Man’s Sky developers had been keeping it under wraps, with the only recent news being a trailer shown at the PC Gaming Show earlier this year. But surprise! The game is out now on the Epic Store.

Studio head Sean Murray described The Last Campfire as a “Hello Games Short”, which led to the expectation that it would be a relatively small game, but after playing it for a couple of hours, it’s much bigger in scope than I anticipated, in both size and subject matter. Made by a small branch of developers inside Hello Games, The Last Campfire is an exploration-puzzle game about empathy, loss, and hope.

You play as a little creature called Ember, a soul who has been left to wander a mysterious world. Where you are exactly is kept a little abstract, but it’s somewhere between the living realm and something else, and your job is to help other souls who have lost their way move on to whatever lies beyond this realm. 

The Last Campfire

(Image credit: Hello Games)

I was expecting this topic in The Last Campfire to be met with a certain lighthearted outlook, but it’s actually a pretty melancholy game.

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