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The ‘happy little trees’ of Bob Ross are coming to Magic: The Gathering


I came to Bob Ross fairly late in life. To me, due to a particular mix of circumstance and indifference, he was just that dude with the hair in the painting meme. All that changed in 2015, when Twitch had the brilliant idea to marathon The Joy of Painting, the half-hour happy trees show on PBS that Ross hosted from 1983 to 1994. It was a revelation: I discovered the sublime beauty of Ross’ ASMR-like approach to art, and a lively Twitch chat that wasn’t a complete sewer. It was one of the most wholesome experiences I’ve ever had on the internet.

Now Wizards of the Coast is looking to bring a bit of the Bob Ross magic to Magic: The Gathering. As reported by Vice, it’s partnered with the Ross estate for a limited edition set of Magic cards called Happy Little Gathering. Each of Magic’s five basic land types—plains, swamps, forests, islands, and mountains—will be represented by two of Ross’ landscapes, and there will also be one for the Evolving Wilds card, which can transform into any other land type.

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