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The future of at-home skin care technology is here » Gadget Flow


Design agency Morrama has created skincare technology like we’ve never seen before. This collection includes three products—Patch, Masseur, and Masque—which can all battle common skin concerns. Read today’s blog to discover the benefits of this new skincare technology collection and how to use them.

Following a healthy skin care routine can be challenging when you don’t know what products to buy. Morrama has created a collection that promises to reduce blemishes, breakouts, and puffiness. And one of their products can even relieves muscle tension. Let’s discover what you can expect from this high-tech range.

The science behind acne explained in a video

Patch tackles breakouts and blackheads

If you have acne or get blackheads that pop up once in a while, you’ve likely spent a lot of money on skincare products. Patch is an alternative to serums and creams and consists of versatile patches. Simply place the individual patches onto the areas of your face where you’re experiencing breakouts. Patch will then heat the skin gently to encourage improved blood circulation, which helps with skin renewal. And, if paired with a vitamin-enriched serum, Patch can encourage better nutrient absorption. So this high-tech skincare product can actually help to make the most out of your current skin serums.

This product also features a cooling mechanic that can soothe irritate skin. And you can even use it around the eye area to reduce puffiness.

Masque repairs your skin and keeps it clear

Reach for Masque in the evening to keep your skin happy, clear, and healthy. Morrama claims that Masque helps to repair your skin and it can even help to stop maskne (acne caused by wearing face masks). Masque works by applying a combination of heat and blue light to breakout areas on your face. And, when combined with a salicylic acid serum, will help to leave your skin clear and healthy.

There’s something unique about Masque: it’s designed to be used when you’re busy—such as brushing your teeth or post-showering. In fact, it doesn’t have a strap around the back and has a simple design that can be popped on for just two minutes.

Masque on a male, helping to fight breakouts

Masseur reduces muscle tension

This advanced skincare technology set also includes Masseur, which is slightly different from the other two products. This is because its emphasis is on reducing muscle tension rather than aiding solely with skincare. In fact, Masseur has an emphasis on encouraging you to set time aside and focus on your wellbeing; think of it as a physical and mindful experience.

For additional skin benefits, Masseur features a copper alloy ball that provides a naturally antibacterial surface, which can help to prevent breakouts from starting.

The future of skincare technology at home is here
Masseur in use to relieve muscle tension

Overall, this advanced skincare technology isn’t available to purchase just yet. And Patch, which the brand says is the most futuristic of the three products, won’t be available for consumer use for at least another 3–5 years. Visit Morrama’s official website to stay tuned for a release date and price.

What are your thoughts on this tech collection? Let us know your feedback in the comments.

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