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The Dread X Collections are bizarre, brilliant medleys of horror hits


It’s the fifth day of my hunt, and I’m worried. I should be focused—I’m hunting!—but my mind is stuck back at the house thinking about the message written in blood on my front door. “God is coming in five days,” it read. It was worrisome, but I’m on a mission. I have to keep going. I have to keep hunting these squirrels and stapling them to a decomposing corpse. 

It’s a sweet charcuterie board of horror.

I’ve already bagged about five of them, but I need one more Big Squirrel to hit my quota. I start making squirrel calls to lure one out, and soon enough, a gargantuan mutated squirrel gallops toward me. As I scope into the rifle I make sure not to rustle the nearby shrubs. I’ve scared off way too many that way. I fire a round at the centre of the giant beast and it topples over. I add its pelt to my collection, and that should be the end of my hunting day. But something’s shifted. A low growl comes from the bushes to my left, and some trees start shaking to the right. I am now the one being hunted. 

I bolt toward my cabin with two Squirrel Bears on my heels.  A red countdown timer pops up on my screen. “GOD IS COMING,” it says. My door’s locked. There’s a slow crescendo of discordant sounds, and a chorus of voices: a symphony of despair. The clock hits 00:00 and the music is blaring. My door’s still jammed so I rush into the forest rifle-first praying to get the drop on God. I look around, but nothing is there. As I turn around to walk back home a terrifying, incomprehensible orb bolts towards my face. The game ends.

(Image credit: Dread X)

This is Squirrel Stapler: Interactive Small Game Hunting by David Szymanski. It’s a very cool, unassuming Cabela Big Game Hunting-style parody game and it’s one of 12 assorted horror games that were made in 10 days for Dread X Collection 2. The other games in the Dread X Collections are just as creepy, intense, and inventive; they push the boundaries of horror in smart ways as compact games developed by small (mostly one-person) teams.

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