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The biggest videogame lawsuits of the 2020s so far


The more the games industry enriches itself, as tech giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon buy in and stake their claim, the more often it feels like we wake up to news of another gigantic ransom working its way through the courts. Some of the many videogames-related lawsuits filed every year are massive and full of worldly implications—Epic and Apple are currently locked in a showdown for the ages, for instance—while others are far more plaintive and low-stakes, but fascinating nonetheless.

It can be hard to keep track of all the various legal conflicts going on in and around games, so we’ve collected nine of the most notable suits filed so far this decade in order to give you an update on where they stand right now. Here’s what corporate lawyers in the games industry are up to lately, and what might happen next:

Epic v. Apple

(Image credit: Epic Games)

What’s the issue? On the most basic level, Apple and Epic are squabbling over microtransactions. Epic doesn’t like playing the 30 percent fee on transactions enforced by Apple on its iOS App Store. The fight dates back to August 2020, when Epic added a payment apparatus to Fortnite that bypassed the Apple merchanting system. Apple retorted by purging Fortnite from the App Store as the gridlock works its way through court.

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