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The best standing desks of 2021

The best standing desks of 2021 1

The best standing desk overall

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The Fully Jarvis Standing Desk provides the right amount of customizations for style, height, and accessories to create an ideal desk for many people. 

Pros: Customizable design, quick and easy to adjust, customizable height presets, useful add-ons, priced low to start, seven-year warranty

Cons: Slight wobble at upper heights, the additional crossbar can limit leg space

The Fully Jarvis Standing Desk is a great desk with a good height-adjustment range, a smooth and easy-to-use mechanism, and the ability to accommodate different set ups. It also comes at a relatively reasonable price with a strong warranty.

The metal frame with the motorized adjustment mechanism comes in black, white, alloy, or silver and is about as minimal as you’ll find. You can choose from a laminate, hardwood, whiteboard, or bamboo desktop all with varying sizes to suit your space, or even use your own. I have a bamboo contoured desk with a black frame.

You can use your own monitor arms or other accessories but Fully has its own as well. These options cost extra, and some will require you to drill holes (which is a pain). The only one we deem essential is the programmable memory panel, which lets you save four height presets. This is useful if you share the desk with someone else. The adjustment itself is quick, though there is a high-pitched noise as the motor goes to work. It’s not terribly loud, but you won’t want to adjust it when you’re on a call.

The height range goes from 29 to 48.25 inches without the 0.75- or 1-inch desktop (this depends on the material). This should generally accommodate people up to 6 feet 7 inches, according to online calculators. Fully also offers an extended range for an extra $20, which enables the desk to go from 24.5 to 50 inches, to accommodate shorter and taller heights. 

The Fully Jarvis can lift up to 350 pounds and has excellent stability. I have two 27-inch monitors on dual gas-powered monitor arms attached to my desk. It goes up and down with ease. I can also lean on the desk without fear, but when extended to higher levels, there is a perceptible wobble. My monitors sway slightly if I bump the desktop, and I can feel a slight front-to-back movement when I lean on the desk, though it’s relatively minor. Side-to-side stability is solid, too. The obvious way to increase stability here would be to add a crossbar, but there’s a trade-off — you won’t be able to easily extend your legs under the desk when seated.

I’ve been using the Fully Jarvis, adjusting heights several times daily, for a couple of years now, and the mechanism works every bit as smoothly as it did the first day. The only sign of age is a tiny dent where I dropped a hammer on the bamboo desktop. I have the older control panel with physical buttons; the newer version is a touch-sensitive OLED, which may not be quite as responsive, according to some reviews.

It’s worth paying extra for the extended range and programmable panel if you’re sharing the desk with a partner or using the desk for a few different types of tasks. You’re also looking at another $40 to upgrade to bamboo. The price will jump to more than $1,000 if you want hardwood. Even with a couple of other custom options and extras, the Fully Jarvis comes in cheaper than most comparable alternatives.

The Fully Jarvis arrives well-packed in two boxes, and all the packaging is 100% recyclable. You will need an hour or so for assembly, but it’s not too taxing if you take your time and follow Fully’s video.

You can also return it for free within 30 days if you decide it’s not for you and Fully offers a seven-year warranty on the frame and mechanical and electrical components. — Simon Hill

$479.00 from Fully

Originally $529.00Save 9%

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