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The best Outriders Devastator build


If you’re keen to play as a tank, you need the best Outriders Devastator build. This class is perfect for protect your squishier friends as you venture through Enoch. While it may not put up electrifying single target DPS numbers, the class’s ability to control a room is unmatched. 

The Devastator can certainly stand their ground, even in large arenas filled with lots of enemies. They’re the sturdiest of the Outriders classes and can protect themselves from taking too much damage. That said, they’re far more than just a defensive sponge as they can create shockwaves and explosions around them, and inflict harmful status effects on unlucky nearby foes. We’re here to walk you through the best Outriders Devastator builds, for the best early-game experience.


The best Outriders Devastator build

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