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The best new apps for Android and iOS this week


As every week, here is a selection of our five applications for Android and iPhone of the week. From mobile games to productivity and interface customization applications, I’ll list here the best new iOS and Android applications that I’ve discovered or that the AndroidPIT community has helped me to discover this week.

Split Apps, widgets to display apps in multi-windowed mode

Split Apps is a widget generator to launch two applications in a multi-window display. You can create shortcuts on your home screen to display two applications directly on the screen at the same time.

The interface is really ergonomic and even has a dark mode. Just select the two applications of your choice and link them together in the same widget. You can also switch them so that one is displayed at the top or bottom of the split-screen and vice versa.

Splits Apps is a paid Android application ($1.49) and does not work on all smartphones. For example, it works on my OnePlus 7T or my Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. On the other hand, the shortcuts don’t work on the Sony Xperia 10 II I’m testing. Maybe it was a mistake on my part. Especially since the smartphone supports native multitasking which works very well.

Split Apps does not work with all applications and smartphones. / © AndroidPIT

You can download the Split Apps application via the Google Play Store.

GameClub, an alternative to Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass for retro mobile games

GameClub is a subscription-based mobile gaming service ($4.99/month) like Apple Arcade ($4.99/month) and Google Play Pass ($4.99) but not yet available in Europe.

Its originality lies in its catalog, which does not include the latest releases (although there are some original creations) but great classics of mobile gaming with titles released many years ago that become unplayable with new updates of Android and iOS systems.

Concretely, GameClub works like a catalog of games and works with the developers of these games to bring them up to date so that they are playable again. The catalog then redirects you to their pages on the Play Store to download them (at no extra cost).

Launched on iOS last October, the service has just arrived on Android. It works with a paid subscription of $5 per month for more than a hundred games (as many as on Apple Arcade) without advertising or integrated purchases.

5 apps ios android semaine gameclub
GameClub updates old mobile games and redirects you via its catalog to their pages on the Google Play Store. / © AndroidPIT

You can also opt for a free package, but then you’ll have to deal with in-game ads and make do with a limited game catalog. I also tested this free version and didn’t feel that the ads were too intrusive or too frequent in the games I played.

Speaking of games, there are platformers, shooters, and beat em ups, some of which are compatible with Bluetooth controllers (MFI, Xbox One S, or Dualshock 4). The game I liked the most during my test is the Doom-like Neon Shadow shooter which is impressively fluid and offers ultra-reactive controls for very nervous gameplay.

5 apps ios android semaine gameclub neon shadow
The Neon Shadow mobile game is an excellent Doom-like shooter available on the GameClub catalog. / © AndroidPIT

You can download the GameClub application for free (subscription $4.99/month to remove ads and unlock the entire catalog) via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Endurance – Space Action, a sci-fi action game that mixes gore and bold humor

This game is a little indie nugget. It’s a prequel to the cult classic Ailment, for those who know it. It’s a beat em up type action game but also with some TPS (third-person shooter) aspects from above, like the old fashioned way. You have the choice between several characters with different stats you find yourself on board the ship “Endurance” and progress through the different levels by solving puzzles and especially fighting against hordes of enemies.

5 apps ios android semaine endurance space action
Endurance – Space Action is a really cool indie action game from above. / © AndroidPIT

The pixel-art style of the game is really nice and the funny tone based on bold humor contrasts with the gameplay which is playfully gory and violent. In short, it’s a great way to let off steam. The game is free to play but exposes you to in-game advertising and offers in-app purchases to speed up your progress. But the developer also gives you the possibility to play offline to avoid the ads.

You can download Endurance – Space Action for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Anonymous Camera, to blur your selfies on iPhone

The iOS-exclusive application uses the learning machine to anonymize your photos and videos in real-time by blurring the protagonists, changing your voice, and removing metadata.

It seems to be designed for journalists who want to protect the anonymity of a witness, activists who have a message to get across and are afraid of retaliation, or anyone who wants to post a video and photo online but is afraid of being “doxed.”

5 apps android ios semaine anonymous camera
Anonymous Camera can blur multiple faces. / © AndroidPIT

The application is able to process in real-time the videos it records, all locally from the iPhone. No content goes through a decentralized server and the app even works when the device is in airplane mode.

Anonymous Camera can, therefore, hide faces by applying a blur effect or an opaque colored patch, or you can turn a subject’s entire body away. The application also works with videos and is pretty good at following moving faces as long as there aren’t too many people on the screen.

You can apply audio distortion to voices captured in videos and remove metadata (location, time, date). Visibly committed, the developers will donate all profits from the first month after the launch of the app to two American anti-racist associations (Black Visions Collective and Unicorn Riot).

You can download the Anonymous Camera application for free on the Apple App Store.

Fishing Life, to take to the open sea in relaxation mode

Fishing Life is a game to relax on this beautiful weekend in June. The graphics are very beautiful and minimalist with a soothing color palette and landscapes, aquatic of course, that breathe Zen.

You play a fisherman who knows how to fish in pursuit of a good catch. The game offers a lot of micro-transactions and ads that require the sum (much too high) of €8.99 to be withdrawn. But the atmosphere of the game is so feng shui that one quickly forgets these shortcomings of monetization committed by the developers.

5 apps ios android semaine fishing life
Fishing Life is a very nice contemplative game with a very soothing atmosphere but sometimes spoiled by ads. / © AndroidPIT

For the rest, the gameplay is very simple, you just have to tap the screen to move your boat on the ideal spot before tapping again to throw your line and hope to catch a big chunk. The game has RPG-lite aspects with the possibility to improve your equipment to catch bigger fish, your boat to go further offshore, and your angler himself.

You can download Fishing Life for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

What do you think of this selection? Have you already had the opportunity to test some of the applications on this list? What would be your new applications of the week? Share your opinions in the comments!

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