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The best Crusader Kings 3 mods so far


Crusader Kings 3 has very much been designed with modders in mind, with Paradox even giving them early access to ensure that a bunch of mods were ready to go when it launched. A week later, we’re already approaching 500 mods on the Steam Workshop, ranging from tiny cosmetic tweaks to massive total conversions. There are already several that everyone should consider adding to their game, which you can download by following the links below. 

CK3’s modding scenes will likely become vast, so expect this list to grow along with it. We’ll almost certainly see Game of Thrones mods making an appearance, but this time the thing I’m really looking forward to is more custom character models. Characters look great now, and they evolve dramatically as they gain traits, but they’re also likely one of the trickier things to mod. We’re already seeing teams designing new outfits, though, so there’s already been some progress. For now, here’s some of my favourite mods to get you started. 

Total conversion mods

Princes of Darkness

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive/Princes of Darkness)

Crusader Kings lends itself to any intrigue-laden setting, which is why the CK2 Game of Thrones mod was such a perfect fit. But if you’re looking for intrigue, you’ll find just as much in the World of Darkness. Princes of Darkness lets you play as a vampire in the universe of Vampire: The Masquerade, immortal and thirsty. You can feed on mortals, sire new vampires, develop mental and magical powers, and even craft your own undead culture. Based on a CK2 mod, it’s already fairly developed, and it really takes advantage of CK3’s religious system, which is how you’ll set the rules and rituals of your vampire society.

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