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The Ascent is an action RPG with brilliantly brutal gun combat and a stunning cyberpunk city


Every day, thousands of people land on the planet Veles looking for a new life. And if they can’t afford the trip, they pay by signing their lives away to the corporations who rule it. These unfortunate souls, one of whom you play as in The Ascent, become corporate slaves called Indents.

You work for the largest mega-corporation on Veles, the Ascent Group, in a bustling, overcrowded city squeezed into a colossal tower called an arcology. Beings from all over the galaxy inhabit this cramped, dystopian metropolis, which is, as you might expect, rife with crime and corruption. And it’s here where you make a living as a mercenary for hire, helping the locals with their troubles, and slowly paying off your seemingly endless debt to The Man.

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The game begins with you creating a character, then riding an elevator down into the depths of the city to repair a faulty system in a garbage facility. It’s dirty work, but an Indent is in no position to turn down work. The Ascent is a top-down action RPG with a focus on ranged combat, and I get my first taste of this when I’m attacked by the feral, territorial creatures who call this facility home. They attack from all sides, forcing me to furiously back-pedal and hammer the trigger on a weedy little pistol to drive the fiends back. I’ll get much beefier, more effective firepower later, but for now, this is the extent of my arsenal.

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