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The Apple One bundle rolls a Music, TV+, News, Arcade and iCloud subscription into one low price


In a classic case of the materializing rumor, the Apple One media bundle is now officially here. The Apple Music, TV+, Arcade and News subscriptions are now indeed rolled into One neat bundle of entertainment joy at a lower price than the sum of it parts for every iPhone- or iPad-wielding user out there.
Last year, Morgan Stanley analysts took upon the Apple TV+ then-rumors, and predicted that Apple could hit a $1 trillion market capitalization yet again in a very near future. How? Well, if it folds TV+ into the ultimate “media bundle” with Apple Music and News+ that resulted from the purchase of the magazine subscription aggregator Texture in 2018.

After all, Apple Music has millions of songs in its portfolio, Arcade has hundreds of timewasters, Texture had more than 200 magazines to fold into Apple News, while Apple’s take on Netflix is taking shape as a curated list of original shows, movies and TV series.

Well, it’s 2020, Apple’s capitalization has hit $2 trillion already, and the One bundle was just announced to propel that surging Services department revenue even further. Here’s all you need to know about the Apple One pricing and subscription services.

Apple One bundle subscription plan prices

  • Individual Apple One plan: $14.99 (Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, 50GB iCloud)
  • Family Apple One plan: $19.99 (Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, 200GB iCloud)
  • Premier Apple One plan: $29.95 (Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, News+ and 2TB iCloud subscription)

Apple One would make iPhones and iPads the ultimate keepers even more, despite that Apple already bundles TV+ with Apple Music for free with a student account. Currently, if you get the family sharing options for the services, all three will run you $30, so when Apple drops that price by a third, and throws in iCloud storage, it will still have a nice little revenue stream per iPhone every month to count on when the going gets tough. Smart.

What’s in Apple One and when will Apple release the bundles?

  • Apple One release date: Q4 2020
  • Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, and iCloud in the Individual and Family tiers.
  • Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, News+ and iCloud subscription in the Premier subscription.

Is there a free Apple One trial period?

Apple One includes a 30-day free trial for any of those Apple subscription services that you do not already have. The great thing with Apple One is not only its discount pricing, but also that you will only be getting one invoice a month, and can change or cancel your Apple One plan at any time, no questions asked.

How many people can be included in the Apple One Family plan?

With the Family and Premier plans, up to six family members can access all the included services with their own personal accounts and preferences.

Is the Apple One subscription price worth it?

  • Yes, even the basic bundle price is way cheaper than separate Apple Music, TV+, Arcade and iCloud subscriptions.
Shortly before the launch of the 2020 5G iPhones, bundling Apple Music, TV+, Arcade and News+ in one neat package will cost much less to subscribe to than the sum of its components. What are the prices of Apple’s main subscription services?

  • Apple Music: $14.99/month (family plan, $9.99 for one)
  • News+: $9.99/month
  • Apple Arcade: $4.99/month
  • TV+: $4.99/month
  • The iPhone Upgrade Program: $35 to $67/month
  • iCloud Storage: $9.99/month for 2TB (or the 50GB for $0.99 and 200GB for $2.99 plans)

Take Apple Music and TV+, for instance. The Music subscription is $9.99, while TV+ is free with an Apple device for a year, but its pricing is actually $4.99. The basic Apple One bundle is $14.99 for much more, so it’s less than what you’d pay for the separate subscriptions. Ditto for the $4.99 Arcade, or $9.99 News+ subscriptions. 

As you can see, the grand total of all services that are in the highest Apple One subscription tiers would be nearly $40 if you buy them separately, but are now discounted to $29.95 with Apple One. A bundle of joy indeed, what do you think?

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