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The 6 best moments in World of Warcraft history


World of Warcraft has been around a long time. Across eight expansions and dozens of major updates, players have slayed intergalactic demon lords, traveled through time, saved the world, and fought atop a city-sized dragon. But even with so many big showdowns, a few stand out from the rest as the greatest moments in World of Warcraft history.

For this list, I’m just focusing on in-game events that have happened over the past 17 years. Instead of including funny memes like Leeroy Jenkins or silly things players used to do like leading world bosses on a rampage through major cities, we’re looking at the crazy plot twists, big world-changing events, and unexpected plagues that created some of the coolest moments in Warcraft’s history.

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The Corrupted Blood incident 

In a matter of hours, every major population center on some servers was a ghost town filled with the bones of dead players.

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