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Tall Vampire Lady stole the show during today’s Resident Evil Village showcase


It wouldn’t be the internet without a ton of memes. People have understandably latched onto the Tall Vampire Lady (who we now know is called Lady Dimitrescu) from Resident Evil Village on PS5. During today’s Resident Evil Village showcase where we learned it was coming to PS4 as well on May 7, 2021, Tall Vampire Lady stole the show — and yes that’s how we’ll keep referring to her. And if you just can’t wait that long, there’s a Resident Evil Village demo that you can download right now.

We’ve compiled some of the best memes we’ve found so far for your enjoyment. Without further ado: Tall Vampire Lady.

The OG. The one that arguably started it all. People took notice of Tall Vampire Lady in the announcement of today’s showcase a week ago.

The official Resident Evil account seeing how hot everyone was for Tall Vampire Lady. We understand.

Shortly before the showcase, the official Twitter is at it again saying how Tall Vampire Lady has been waiting to meet us. I swooned.

With how tall she is, she’d make a great player in the WNBA. I would draft her.

Literally every single person after the Resident Evil Village showcase today. Don’t deny it. And we can’t blamer you.

Again, probably a common fantasy. I mean same.

If you don’t want her to step on you then you’re lying to yourself and whatever god you believe in.

It’s ok because we’re all thirsty. Just parched after that showcase.

Tall Vampire Lady ft. W I D E Chris Redfield, need we say more?

This is in fact the correct way to talk to short people. Can confirm.

Not Tall Vampire Lady, but a shoutout to this guy.

Any good ones you’ve seen that we’re missing? Have any personal favorites? Let us know in the comments. There’s sure to be a lot more in the coming months, and I personally can’t wait to see all of them. The internet is terrible 99% of the time, but I sure love that good 1%.

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