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Take an extra 20% off these air purifiers this weekend


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Upgrade your home's air quality with these purifiers.
Upgrade your home’s air quality with these purifiers.

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Air purifiers can help remove pollutants and improve your home’s air quality, making them a solid piece of home tech to invest in these days. 

You can find 10 of them on sale for an extra 20% off through September 21 using the promo code VIPSALE20. Among the options: an air purifier that plays lullabies (seriously).

Wynd Plus: Smart Personal Air Purifier with Air Quality Sensor

Wynd Plus has a sensor to evaluate the air quality in your space, so it only fires up its filter when it determines that it’s needed. When you use the coupon code VIPSALE20 at checkout, you’ll pay just $159.96.

Bebcare Air Smart Purifier with H11 EPA Virus Filter

The Bebcare Air Purifier fields air quality reports via its Bluetooth-connected app and has a triple-layered filter. Plus, it plays musical lullabies, making it the perfect addition to your baby’s nursery. It’s usually $259, but you can get it for only $143.16 by using the code VIPSALE20 at checkout.

Kinkoo Ozone Generator and Air Purifier

This quiet, ozone-producing purifier has a USB rechargeable 600mA battery, making it a great air-cleaning option for not only your home, but also your car, your office, and just about anywhere else. It’s usually $39, but you can slash the price down to just $23.96 using the code VIPSALE20.

Autowit Fresh 1 True HEPA Air Purifier and Aroma Diffuser

The Autowit Fresh 1 Purifier produces up to 8 million negative ions to remove pollen, smoke, dust, floccus, and more with its three-stage filtration, which is especially helpful during allergy seasons. Get it for just $47.19 (regularly $79) when you use the code VIPSALE20 at checkout.

LUFT Cube Portable Filterless Air Purifier

The filterless LUFT Cube is energy-efficient, relatively eco-friendly, and the winner of the 2020 CES Innovation Award. Originally priced at $149 and currently on sale for $99.99, you can save an extra 20% using the code VIPSALE20 and knock the price down to just $79.99.

Envion EA150 HEPA 3-in-1 Desktop Air Purifier

This desktop air purifier uses a streamlined energy-efficient design and three different filters to help clear particles out of the air. In fact, it can clean a 170 square-foot room three times in just an hour. It’s a great choice for homes with pets and seasonal allergies. Originally $89, you can slash the price down to just $61.59 when you enter the code VIPSALE20 at checkout.

PURO²XYGEN P500 Air Purifier

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this purifier can clean the air in any room up to 550 square feet in size, helping you breathe easier. Get it for only $135.98 (regularly $220) when you use the code VIPSALE20 at checkout.

Allergy Pro 200 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

The Allergy Pro’s three-speed selection allows for quiet operation while you sleep or powerful rapid purification during the day. Use the code VIPSALE20 at checkout and slash the $129 price tag down to just $87.99 through September 21.

KeySmart CleanLight Air UV Air Purifier

Although it’s small enough to fit in a cupholder, this air purifier is strong enough to work on a room up to 160 square feet in size. It also doubles as a power bank for USB-powered devices. It’s normally priced at $99.99, but you can use the code VIPSALE20 and get it for just $79.99 for a limited time.

Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter and Negative Ion Generator

This purifier features a pre-filter, HEPA filter, cold catalyst, and activated carbon filter. Plus, it has a built-in negative ion generator that helps neutralize airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, viruses, and smoke. Use the code VIPSALE20 at checkout to slash its $149 price tag down to just $87.20.

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