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Take advantage of this opportunity

Take advantage of this opportunity 2

Perhaps this pandemic opens a space for you to start that project that you have saved for a long time or perhaps it forces you to look for a new source of income. Therefore, we present you 50 low investment business opportunities.

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During the last six months, more than one entrepreneur has shared with me that the pandemic has forced him to turn to see what he would not have seen otherwise. Not a few have found new opportunities or opened new lines of business for the initiatives they already had.

Some even dared to undertake industries that were hit hard in their economy, but in which they found a market niche and a business opportunity with great potential. I’m going to share an example with you, the case of Wendolín Perla, who launched Perla Ediciones in the middle of the pandemic.

It is a new independent Mexican publisher focused on classic titles, not yet translated into Spanish, with themes such as mythology, fantasy literature, supernatural horror and the vindication of the female voice.

Definitely, in the face of this confinement there is a growing interest in reading and there will be many who will appreciate finding such well-kept paper editions, with incredible illustrations and titles such as Monkey King, The daughter of the Country of the Elves or The man who lost his shadow, among others.


Although many embrace change and embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, I cannot deny that during this quarantine, not a few have been affected. The Survey on the Economic Impact Generated by COVID-19, by Inegi indicates that 93.2% of companies in Mexico were affected by the decrease in their income or demand. Unfortunately, most of the losses are recorded by micro-enterprises (92%).

The data are not very encouraging and the recovery of the economy is still far off. However, I invite you to embrace change and risk trying something new. They say that the most uncomfortable situations are those that make us get the best out of it.

Perhaps this pandemic opens a space for you to start that project that you have saved for a long time. Perhaps this situation forces you to look for a new source of income and you want to start with an already established brand or that offers a turnkey business.

In the October edition of mag21 of Entrepreneur we present 50 business opportunities whose initial investment is less than 250,000 pesos. Whether you become an independent agent, make use of your network of contacts or your extra time, I am sure that you will find an option to suit you and will take advantage of this time to generate an opportunity.

Remember what Bill Gates says, “big opportunities are born from having known how to take advantage of the small ones.”

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