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T-Mobile vs AT&T and Verizon 5G unlimited plans price comparison


With price wars resurrected, your hunt for the best unlimited 5G data plan now comes down to more variables than coverage and perks.

Now that the T-Mobile merger with Sprint is done, it’s time to take another look at the plan prices that the four big carriers offer, in case you want to take advantage of the better post-merger network.
T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T – what’s the best unlimited 5G plan?
  • T-Mobile takes the cake with the cheapest $25 a month unlimited 5G plan offer and wider 5G coverage.
  • AT&T does best with the coverage/price/perks ratio crown of the mid- and high-end 5G plans, especially with HBO Max tacked on.
  • Verizon’s plans have the fastest 5G, albeit with limited coverage but the 4G fallback is fast enough.

Verizon revamped its unlimited data plan choices to embrace its budding 5G network, and AT&T followed suit with the Starter and Extra plans, followed by the Elite one which includes an HBO Max subscription. The Un-carrier rebranded its plans to Magenta and a Plus version, keeping the free Netflix, and the generous throttling or hotspot allocations.

T-Mobile’s unlimited 5G plans also started a price war with $100 a month for a family of four, and just $20 extra a month for a pack of 5G phones for all, so here’s how the 5G plan pricing landscape looks now.

The cheapest unlimited data plan – Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile

Sprint used to be the price king among the most affordable unlimited data plans, and offered the most perks, and now T-Mobile is taking the torch by introducing a killer Essentials deal at $100 of unlimited 5G for four lines, and $20 extra a month so that the whole family can have 5G phones.

Its 5G coverage stretches over 225 million people, more than any US carrier, but the median speeds leave something to be desired, while Verizon and AT&T may get more expensive the more lines you add, but they’ll offer you LTE signal in the boondocks. Still, the best tradeoff between coverage and price among the cheapest 5G plans comes with T-Mobile’s basic 4-person family plan offering you great 5G signal in the city, and decent blanketing in-between, all for $100 in total.

*All prices are after Auto Pay and w/ paperless billing, include unlimited talk&text in the US


The middle child plans now all come with 5G

The middle-of-the-road plans are a good tradeoff between affordability and perks, with T-Mobile’s Magenta and Verizon’s Play More plans leading the pack when it comes to perks and coverage. Still, with the exception of T-Mobile, the difference comes down to ten bucks or less, so if you are in an area with spotty coverage, better go for the carrier that works at your place. If hotspot allowance is important to you, you might want to go with AT&T’s pricing here.


*All prices are after Auto Pay and w/ paperless billing, include unlimited talk&text in the US


The best unlimited data plan – Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile

Now that we’ve arrived to the heavy hitters, the differences in pricing are more pronounced. From T-Mobile’s least expensive $170 pack for a family of four, to Verizon’s most expensive $220 one, these offer the most perks, the highest hotspot and throttling thresholds, and the top quality video streaming. 

Still, the price and perk differences aren’t worthy of you losing signal over them, so if the most affordable option has coverage in your area, go ahead, otherwise stick with the widest blanket that a carrier can offer. 

Here, AT&T’s Elite offer looks like the best coverage/price/perks bargain, especially with HBO Max in the freebies mix, the highest throttling cap, and the hotspot allowance.

*All prices are after Auto Pay and w/ paperless billing, include unlimited talk&text in the US


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