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Supercharge your Unity Microgame with these top assets 大人気アセットを使って Unity マイクロゲームを超強化しよう


Check out some of the Asset Store’s most popular items to power your Microgame projects to the finish line this spring.

Since first launching Unity Microgames in 2019, we’ve shared the magic of game development with more than two million new users like you, with step-by-step guided tutorials and mods to catapult your creative journey in Unity. Whether you sought to design levels in the FPS or Platformer Microgames, create new tracks in the Karting Microgame, or shape adventures with virtual bricks in the LEGO Microgame, you’ve continued to blow us away with the sheer volume and creativity of both 2D and 3D games on our Unity Play platform – not to mention the 1,100+ LEGO Microgame submissions to the recent LEGO Ideas “Build Your Own Game” contest

The Unity Asset Store remains a key resource to supercharge new users’ first Microgame projects with sound effects, animated props, models and other time-saving tools. With Spring Sale underway, now is your chance to get creative and grab some of the most popular assets to help you get started at 50% off through the end of the month. Take a look at our list below for a handful of top tools, art packs and extensions to spark your efforts, and check out the Microgames section on the Asset Store homepage for the full list. 

TopDown Engine by More Mountains

The folks who brought you Corgi Engine (more on that below) present TopDown Engine, the complete solution for top-down style game creation. Whether you’re new to Unity or an advanced dev, its intuitive interface comes packed with tutorials and high-quality content to help put your players first. 

It’s no wonder that More Mountains has become so well-known for publishing valuable assets that include clean code and optimized scripts to provide you a strong foundation to build upon.

Ultimate Sound FX Bundle by Sidearm Studios

This massive library of audio includes all the sound effects from Sidearm Studios. That’s right – we’re talking more than 9,000 premium sound effects designed to bring your game to life. Find out why these audio assets are a must-have for just about every developer out there.

Corgi Engine – 2D + 2.5D Platformer by More Mountains

The team at More Mountains showcases their expertise with Corgi Engine, the premier platformer solution for Unity. Built around a tight character controller, this engine is bound to give your players the best possible experience.

But don’t take our word for it: With over 650 five-star reviews to date, there’s no doubt that the quality stands out.

I downloaded the asset and it has saved me a ton of time. Support is outstanding and I recommend this asset to anyone new [who] would like to get a head start [on their] project” – review by Telecontrol

Modern UI Pack by Michsky

Nearly all projects need UI for a more seamless player experience. That’s why we love this Modern UI Pack. With a versatile style that works in many different projects, this pack is great for making polished prototypes, so you can move to production with ease later on.

Easy Save – The Complete Save and Load Asset by Moodkie

This powerful and easy-to-use system serves just about anyone who seeks to save and load data. Well-documented and strongly supported, Easy Save has been proven to work great with a track record of successful implementations for hundreds of devs.

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