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Summoning of top functionary by SIT of Nagaland police is ill motivated: National Socialist Council of Nagaland


GUWAHATI: Miffed with summon of Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Nagaland police, National Socialist Council of Nagaland/K-Khango summoning of top functionary at its office at chumukedima appeared to be ill motivated and uninformed.

In a statement the outfit which is in ceasefire which government of India and holding peace parleys stated Nagaland police must understand that Indo-Naga political conflict is a legacy of blood and tears on the Naga side. It is a continued saga of valour, unrelenting commitment, suffering and supreme sacrifice for Naga land and future generations. “To equate genuine Naga revolutionary leaders and workers with social parasites like government looters, swindlers, petty thieves, criminal gangs, street thugs, market goons and self-aggrandising godfathers to illegal immigrants would not only be socially and politically disastrous but it would equally hasten the death of Naga conscience. Naga patriots were never tagged with petty local bandits then, it won’t now or tomorrow”.

The outfit questioned what crime did the leader in question commit, did he kill or order killing of elected members? bureaucrats or high ranking police officers? Local or mainland businessmen? “ There is a ceasefire between Government of India and outfit and Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) mechanism is in place and all conflicting ground rules issues are tackled at a CFMG meeting headed by Chairman. Clearly summoning Naga revolutionary leaders to a police table is unprecedented and is never agreeable.”

The outfit added that working committee (WC) of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), a conglomerate of six political groups from Nagaland have signed an agreed position on 17th November 2017 setting clear parameters for two entities for negotiations. After hectic parleys, both sides have chalked out a path for a future that is enduring and peaceful co-existence. All the Naga tribes and neighboring communities have been briefed on the political roadmap and the same has been acknowledged by Naga neighbors. Nagaland police must accept the reality of the situation.

“WC NNPGs has, without any hesitation, presented the Naga tribal Hohos with the status paper, absorbing opinions at all levels. The outfit believes that at this point of time, Naga people’s understanding of our political and historical right and our distinct identity is most necessary. This strength must be harnessed and wedged to contemporary political realities. The GOI, too, has understood the core inalienable sovereign rights of the Nagas and so the details of a relationship between the entities will be pragmatic, workable and enduring. Nagaland police must update itself and educate its lower rung officers and men on the current political status”, the outfit stated.

The outfit stated that whoever ordered the physical presence of the Naga revolutionary leader on 7th July 2020, will live with stigma. It appears an immature police officer just out of academy miserably failed to grasp the reality that Indo-Naga political conflict has spilled so much blood on both sides and caused much sufferings and destruction over seventy years. Armed confrontation has been avoided as agreed upon bilaterally in order to seek a peaceful honorable and acceptable solution. The question strikes, is there a deliberate ploy of Nagaland police SIT to demean, devalue and muddy the water when both WC, NNPGs and GOI are on the verge of announcing honorable and acceptable political solution?

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