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What is it? A point-and-click game where what you point at makes you say “eurgh”.
Expect to pay: $15/£12
Developer: Wormwood Studios
Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games
Reviewed on: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, GeForce GTX 1650, 8 GB RAM
Multiplayer: No
Link: Official site 

Efforts to build a sense of unease begin immediately in this dark point-and-click adventure. Your nameless character, who is wearing an untied straitjacket, finds himself in a surreal landscape. Standing at the top of a narrow path surrounded by an abyss, the only way forward is down this path to a huge, talking clown head. After telling you a dark joke, it lets you enter through its mouth, and the game proper in this twisted carnival world begins.

Publisher Wadjet Eye has a reputation for great modern point-and-clicks, both developing its own titles (Unavowed, The Blackwell Legacy) and shepherding other developers’ projects to launch (Primordia, Technobabylon). Strangeland feels at home in that stable, but it struggles to live up to the company’s better efforts.

(Image credit: Wormwood Studios/Wadjet Eye Games)

It certainly has its own style, however. The art mostly uses a dark and miserable palette, which is entirely appropriate; this is not a happy place. The music, too, fits the scene nicely. There’s a kernel of carnival music in there somewhere, but the joy and warmth have been warped beyond all recognition. The notes have been inverted and twisted until the game sounds as disturbing as it looks.

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