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Spotify Will Now Soundtrack Your Workout


Spotify wants to soundtrack your workout, and all you need to do is answer a few simple questions. The music streaming service has launched a microsite which builds a workout playlist based on your input. Allowing you to build your perfect workout playlist.

According to Spotify, “in the last two months, Spotify listeners have created more than 1 million playlists with ‘workout’ in the title.” So, to help users find old and new music to listen to while working out, Spotify has created Soundtrack Your Workout.

How to Soundtrack Your Workout on Spotify

To create a Spotify playlist to work out to, sign into Spotify and head to the Soundtrack Your Workout microsite. Then tap Let’s Get Moving to begin. Spotify will use “a combo of your tastes and quiz selections to create the perfect mix.”

First, you’ll be asked how long your workout will be, from 15 minutes to two hours. Next, choose whether you want music, podcasts, or a mixture of both. Plus whether you would like to include explicit content (which would be inappropriate in a public setting).

Next, pick your type of workout, which includes yoga, running, and cardio. Then select who you’re working out with, whether that’s on your own, with your partner, or with your kids. Next, pick your workout vibe and preferred genre(s) of music.

Once you’re happy with your selections you can name your playlist and upload a cover, and Spotify will soundtrack your workout. Just tap Soundtrack My Workout and Spotify will create your new playlist. You can also start over or change individual answers.

The Best Dedicated Workout Apps to Try

Be warned that it’s unlikely that everyone will be happy with the end results. Soundtrack Your Workout uses a combination of your answers to the questions AND your listening history. So if you let your kids use your account, be prepared to hear “Let It Go”.

Creating a Spotify playlist is a good way to make your workout less of a chore. However, there are also plenty of dedicated workout apps to help you get in shape

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. One of these should appeal, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or get fit.

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