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Spelunky 2’s first area might get patched so it’s easier

Spelunky 2's first area might get patched so it's easier 2

Spelunky 2 can be frustrating. It’s very rarely outright unfair, but it can test your patience and blood pressure when enemies, traps, physics, and bad luck combine into a perfect storm of death for your intrepid little adventurer. At times, it feels like Spelunky 2 absolutely hates you.

The original Spelunky felt that way, too, but progression felt a little more sensible, with the early worlds being the easiest (relatively speaking) and later levels getting more and more difficult. In Spelunky 2, however, a number of players feel the earliest levels, called Dwelling (worlds 1-1 through 1-4) are actually more difficult than the levels that follow.

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