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Spelunky 2 poison cure: How to cure poison in Spelunky 2


Wait, Spelunky 2 isn’t on PC yet!

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We know, but we’re so excited about the game that we wanted to begin sharing our strategies with you to help you out.

Spelunky 2 releases on PC on September 29, but for now you can enjoy it on PS4.

Exploring mystical new worlds is exciting, but it’s all over in seconds if you fail to find a Spelunky 2 poison cure. Getting poisoned is just one of the many new dangers introduced in this delightful sequel, and wandering into a hermit crab’s bubbles, or grazing yourself on a poison arrow is a rough way to go.

When you begin playing, it’s easy to get poisoned by a pesky creature. Poison isn’t an effect that simply wears off with time, though. If you choose to ignore it, you’ll be hitting that ‘quick restart’ button earlier than you hoped. Let’s cover how poison works, and how you can quickly find the Spelunky 2 poison cure.

How poison works in Spelunky 2

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