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Span data-driven health coaching unlocks true health


Want to unlock the next level of your fitness? You can actually achieve that performance lifestyle you dream about with Span: a longevity fitness company. It provides data-driven health coaching based on your biometric data. That way, you’ll get expert-led, data-influenced guides on how to live more healthfully.

Tune your diet, sleep, and exercise with Span. This data-driven health coaching experience is backed by longevity experts and driven by stats from top wearables like Oura, Whoop, Levels, Garmin, 23andme, and more. The team helps you generate a personalized report with identified areas of improvement and experiments. And the program holds you accountable as you reach the next level of optimal health.

Are you so busy with your work that you don’t have time to analyze your health data and decide what to do next? Or do you struggle to recover from your workouts? Maybe you experience low energy or mental clarity? While fitness is a lifestyle choice, there’s no recipe for success that works for everyone, and the founders of Span understand that. For this reason, they’ve started a longevity fitness company that uses your health data to create a program that works for you.

With the mobile app, you get the chance to chat with the Span team, which includes a longevity specialist (an MD) and a health coach. The team then calculates your baseline scores based on your results from wearable tech like the Apple Watch and lab tests like 23andMe. You’ll then work with the team to run and validate your diet, sleep, and exercise experiments. Let’s take a closer look at what this data-driven health coach offers.

Get support from a team of experts

Have you ever wished you had a functional doctor and a health coach at your disposal, waiting to advise you on how to improve your fitness routine? Because, while trainers are super helpful, you’d love to back up their diet and exercise recommendation with some MD-approved data. And that’s exactly what you get when you use Span.

As we mentioned, you’ll work with a team that includes a top longevity fitness MD and a health coach. They use your baseline data to create personalized experiments based on optimal health and longevity fitness research. This translates your biometric data into action. So, if you have specific health concerns or areas where you need to improve, your team can take those factors into account and create a suitable plan for you.

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Calculate your biometric data for a personalized plan

Another cool feature of this data-driven health coach experience is that the team relies on your biometric data to develop your plan. Unlike a traditional consultation with a personal trainer where you outline your goals and explain your concerns, the Span team collects quantifiable data about your health.

How do they do this? They use top wearables like those from Libre and Dexcom CGMs, Levels, Peloton, Whoop, Oura, and more. The team reviews the data collected by these health gadgets to calculate your baseline scores and develop your program.

This data-driven health coaching helps you live a healthy, performance lifestyle Span data driven health coaching
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Access your data from the Span app

Want to see your data reports and insights? You can access it all via the Span app. There, you can see this data-driven health coach’s findings and insights about your health and fitness levels. You can also use it to get in touch with your team for convenient chats.

Rely on science-based experiments

Once your team gathers your baseline scores, they select lifestyle experiments designed by advisors at Stanford, Duke, and Harvard universities. This way, your experiments have the backing of science and educational institutions. With Span’s experiments, you’ll tune your diet, sleep, and exercise so that you can optimize your athletic performance and recovery.

Your experiments will be tailored to your needs. So, if you want to improve your sleep and fitness, but weight loss isn’t a concern, the team will recommend experiments that support those goals and your health markers. It’s an interesting, in-depth look at an individual’s health that can lead to real benefits.

Span data driven health coach
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Stay accountable to this health coach

While personalized health coaching developed by experts is helpful, staying accountable to it is another challenge entirely. Let’s face it, there are days when it’s just easier to skip your workout or eat takeout for dinner. But this data-driven health coach actually helps you stay accountable to your fitness tasks. Because you’ll only be able to unlock the next level of optimal health if you stick to the program.

Take control of your fitness with this longevity program

When you have your biometric information in your hands, it’s possible to take control of your health. The app and wearables show you exactly where and how your health improves every day. And, along with that, users report that they regain their energy levels and mental clarity. And that’s what we all want as we age, no?

Span is the next generation of longevity fitness coaching. It uses a team of experts and your biometric data to help you attain the health, energy, and mental clarity you dream of. With their research and science-backed experiments, you’ll take actionable steps toward a healthier lifestyle that’s been designed just for you.

You can request access to the Span longevity fitness company on the company website.

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