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Sony’s DualSense controller is too good not to get an official PC driver


Over the last few months, the most talked-about features of the new consoles were their super-fast SSDs and ray tracing capabilities. Those things are exciting, but once you get your hands on a PlayStation 5, it’s hard to think about either as much as its new controller. The DualSense is as good as everyone says—the combination of its haptic motors and microphone do more to make you feel connected to a game you’re playing than ray traced lighting ever could. Its adaptive triggers are just as good. They’re killer features, and it will be a huge missed opportunity if Sony doesn’t release an official Windows driver to let PC gamers take advantage of them. 

We liked the DualShock 4 a lot, and even recommended it as the best controller for PC for years. That was in spite of the fact that Sony never released a PC driver, meaning you had to use a tool like DS4Windows to configure the controller. More recently, Steam’s built-in controller configurator has made it much easier to use just about any PC controller in a ton of games that would otherwise only work well with an Xbox gamepad.

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